Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cheese Ball

Last night I could NOT get to sleep... yeah yeah... I know its just more of what's to come later. He was moving SO much after 11 pm and I just wanted to go to sleep. I rolled over and told Daryk he needed to just be patient and put his hands on the belly. Eventually he would kick/punch/flip hard enough for Daryk to feel it. So he did for about 90 seconds and gave up. I made him do it again and just told him to be patient. Daryk finally listened and just sat there. About 2 minutes after that my Cheese Ball kicked so hard that Daryk jumped back and says "Was that you?" NO! I started laughing and all he could say was "WOW!" I laughed so hard at him with his eyes bugged out of his head. It was worth no sleep to see that reaction. The pictures are my 23 week pictures. It is so hard to believe that in just 4 weeks my belly shot out like a rocket. Haven't gained any lbs.... just got this belly to show off! I love taking the pictures and laughing about how funny the belly looks.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Flood of 2009

Georgia hasn't seen this much rain in a few years! This weather is insane. We are home from school today because the rainfall washed bridges away all over Douglas County. Last count I heard was 15 bridges and we may be out of school tomorrow too! Daryk and I are enjoying the day with Lucy (who spent MOST of the night under the bed) and catching up some house work.

My little man is moving a good bit all day these days. Last week he began moving more during the early hours of the morning. He kicked up a fit last Thursday when I poked at him. I poked and he kicked back with some intensity! It was funny. Daryk is finally able to feel him moving a bit more. He's not sure what he's feeling for, but he knows he feels something.

Baby Boy slept great through the night of storms and woke me up early today moving around. He quieted down after Daryk talked to the belly for a bit. Feeling him move inside my belly is such a blessing. This is the coolest part of mommyhood I have experienced so far!

19 week pictures

15 week pictures

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rookie Post

So I'm trying this out for size. I'll post some belly pictures after I figure this all out. Haley will have to give me lessons next time I see her. She's the professional.