Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Libby J

I woke up to her yelling one morning.  It was well before the time to get up.... but I couldn't ignore her or pretend like this was hilarious.  

"Mommy, come look at me!  My bottom fits right in here!"

How do I get mad at that!?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Great Grands

There are a lot of things that my Granny taught me.  There are a lot of things we did WITH her and my Pop that are special.  I don't remember one single thing she ever bought me for Christmas.  Ever.  Or even my birthday.  I do remember that she taught me about money and how to save and spend.  She showed me how to write a check and how to balance my check book.  She taught me too many recipes to even recall.  Her love is huge.  Her heart for God is huge.  Her passion about others knowing Jesus is amazing.  I love her more than words can possibly even say.  I love that my people get to see her and love on her.  I believe they were discussing how to read a watch at this moment in time.  She probably taught me that too.  We stopped by after church for a really quick visit.  

We got in a good visit with June and Percy.  I am so thankful that they aren't too far away.

And well, she had fun too.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Playful Pups

One day this child of mine will figure out how to actually smile like a normal person.
He is such a caring little guy.
His honesty and genuine vocabulary baffle me daily.
This was the day of his Mother's Day Tea.  I forgot that he should have dressed up and we all know his Daddy isn't going to make him dress nicely.  Nor does this child want to dress up nicely, ever.  Worked out well though.  I forgot that maybe I should have dressed up too.  Instead I wore his favorite color and my boy was happy with that part of it.  

I'm still working on that pirate face.  Seriously.

Last day of school with our FAVORITE Puppy teachers!  These ladies are awesome and love my kid while teaching him really important stuff.  

Monday, June 1, 2015

Fab Frogs

This sweet girl sure gives me a run for my money.  This is her delightful Mother's Day Tea at ELC.  The kids make the food and lots of sweet things for us as well.  It is really an awesome deal.  We love going and I really enjoy seeing how proud she is.  Her attitude at school is spectactular.  I did tell her teachers that she should not be in charge of any surprises, ever.  She told me every single detail about the food and the arts & crafts the day before the 'tea' happened.  
Here is a picture of us last year at her tea.  She was a ladybug last year and is a frog this year.  Mind you, the pictures are always her idea, but I'm grateful she likes me well enough to take pictures.
This is her BFF Delilah.  She loves this girl with some serious intensity.  I am grateful that they were able to spend time loving each other this year.  Delilah's Aunt Steph is reading to them.  She was so patient with them and so kind.  

And these ladies are her rockstar teachers.
They help with boo-boos.
They assist with potty training and accidents.
They provide guidance, for her in the classroom, and me outside the classroom.
They love her.
They were so kind and told me that the 4s teachers would likely fight over who gets to teach my 'delightful child'.....

All I could do was LAUGH like a crazy lady because my delightful child is so hard to deal with most days.  She is sunshine and rainbows when she chooses to be.  She is challenging and stubborn when she is not sunshine and rainbows.  She loves SO hard and she is so kind....

I am forever grateful to these lovely ladies.