Monday, February 20, 2012

The actual Party

Partied hard at Catch Air in Marietta. We enjoyed dance time with our friends. And we also jumped around a few times on some of those bouncy things. I know that the grown ups had JUST as much fun as the kids!

Libby Eats

It took baby girl about 3 weeks to decide that she liked to eat food. Once she decided that she liked it, she has morphed into this super food eater. She is a funny thing to watch while she's eating because she looks like a baby bird. So precious.

Birthdays should be celebrated for a week, right?

Cause that's how long we had cupcakes and cake at our house...

Holy Cow, Hayes turned 2!

Celebration at the ELC with all of Hayes' closest Cow friends. I'm not sure who had more fun, me or Hayes?! So much fun.

Rewind--we had a birthday

Hayes turned two. I'm a bad mom because we did not have a cake that day. We had muffins. We celebrated with the family and enjoyed a party much later. Birthday pictures!

We conquered the jungle

Actually, we just climbed up that tree in Grandma's front yard. We celebrated the new year with Grandma, MawMaw, PawPaw, Lucas, and a yummy dinner in Carrollton. I'm not a good blog writer. I'm about a month-ish behind and I forget that I need to update this thing. Working on that... really. Please ignore his extra clothing in the car outfit. He puked after running a few laps inside the house and we changed into what was available. Hence, the prison outfit. I promise we do not wear that out in public. Ever. And if you choose to dress your children this way often, please don't be offended that we called it a prison outfit. We have two of them. Red and blue only to be used in emergencies only.