Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Snuggles and Hugs from friends

I love this girl.
She's the best baby girl ever.
She had a great birthday month and we celebrated her several times.
I think this was my favorite moment though.
Sleepy baby snuggles.

I love this kid.
Last year she was 6 days old at Easter.
This year she hunted her own EGGS!
Love her.

This is Delilah.
She is Libby's BFF.
They have such a sweet love for each other.
I love this blonde and the joy she brings to my sassy girl.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sharing Random Thoughts

'You want a cracker Spencey?'
Unhappy baby girl.
God forbid I put her down so I can go to the BATHROOM!

'Moooooooooooommmmmmmmm, I'm coloring.  Seriously.'

Monday, April 27, 2015

Chin Up

A long time ago in a far away land I met a girl named Brooke.  We shared the same math class in the 7th grade and we both loved our sarcastic teacher.  There was a competition between classes to fundraise or donate something, so our teacher gave us a mission to create a taunting song for the other class.  And we did.  I'll never forget that being the beginning of the friendship that lasted for 20 years.  13 years later and she's still a dear friend.  We were running buddies in the 8th grade and then pen pals in high school when she moved far away to Mechanicsville, VA.  I found those letters this past weekend in my 'high school trunk' in the basement.  She is a huge supporter of my life and my little people.  She is a fantastic lady who served our country in the Air Force and now she delivers jokes for a living.  She is a delightful human being and I'm glad to call her friend.

This is Delilah.  She loves my girl and my girl LOVES her.  They both share a love for messy hair, messy food, and a hatred of excema.  I hope they are friends forever.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Happiness for days

If you want to know what makes me happy, its this.
Laundry piled up behind the people I love the most.
Clean laundry, dirty laundry, laundry I hate... 
Either way, it is my favorite thing.
I love these people.
I love the smiles.
The genuine and the fake.
The silly and the serious.
They are the best things God ever gave me!
Also, genetics are annoying.  
Does ANYBODY look like me!?  

Thursday, April 23, 2015

2 months later....

The best aunt who lives in Georgia turned 30 in February.  We happened to be on a break from school on her actual birthday, so I began plotting a long time before that week to arrange a date with her for lunch on her bday!  I had to do some intense internet stalking to FIND the office where she worked in Atlanta.  I knew there was a website, but there are SO MANY offices that share the same name in the Atlanta area, it was a bit of a challenge.  I didn't want to ASK her for help because I wanted to be able to surprise her!  After about 3 hours of calling and internet research I finally found the office.  I emailed her boss and proposed my plan, she agreed and I began or orchestrate the master plan!  The day of the event we went to Sams and bought cookies to share.  We stopped by Chick fil A and got lunch.  After that we drove to her office.  

Let me please explain that taking 3 kids out in public where multiple events and stops are on the agenda is a bit challenging.  Like, insanely difficult.  I only started to sweat about 1/2 way through the bathroom stop at her office.  The office building has fountains and ducks, well.... geese, as Hayes would say.  They have a revolving door and well, its an office.  You're supposed to use an office voice.  3 year olds don't have an office voice or office behavior.  We survived the bathroom, the revolving door, the fountains (thank you God, because it was REALLY cold), and lastly, the elevator to the floor where she works.  

We made our way into the front conference room and set up lunch.  All of the sweet ladies Kathryn worked with came in to greet us and wait for her, so we could surprise her!  Kitty rounded the corner and began to get teary (never happens) so I knew she was surprised and I was FLOORED!  Y'all know that anytime you get to actually surprise someone, you get pumped, right!?  

We don't get to see her nearly as often as we like to, so this was a super special treat for us this day!  Hopefully we will get to see her again some this summer and we can have outside lunch dates by the geese and the fountains!  

Love you Kitty!
Happy we can celebrate 30 years of YOU!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Walkers for Life

This sweet girl got to go visit my sweet grandmother while she was in recovery at the hospital.  Spencer had the very best time walking up and down the hall with Grandma's walker.  Who knew those things were multigenerational?  I had no idea.  I'm not sure who was more pleased, Grandma or Spencer... either way... It was awesome.