Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pretty Colors

I went to the dr yesterday and met one of the midwives in my dr practice. Loved her. Wendy. I am going to meet the other 4 as the next few weeks unfold. I am to the point of going every 2 weeks now. I hear that means the end is getting closer... scary! At the dr yesterday we did my gestational diabetes test. Routine for everyone--no reason to panic. Dr says they will call if I have it and if I don't hear from them I'm good to go!

We got the crib and glider chair ordered for the nursery--thanks mom in law! Can't wait to put that room together. We have touch up some of the paint and patch the 900 nail holes in the wall--then we can start the animal murals.

Tonight Hayes is moving around QUITE a bit. He's all over the place and I am just laughing at my belly moving around. Daryk and I had dinner in the city after school. We had an amazing dinner at our FAVORITE spot--Joe's and we shopped at Ikea after that . I can't wait to get the nursery together and fill in the blanks with Ikea stuff. So much fun. I am so thankful that I do not live here and work in the city. I could NOT do what Kat does. I am not a fan of traffic or stupid people who cannot drive.

Enjoyed my date night with Daryk. Ready for this weekend! Daryk's diaper shower and the Ga/Fl game. Sunday morning Daryk and I are going to tour the birthing center at the hospital and become more familiar with the areas of the hospital. Can't wait to see where my little guy will make his debut!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Long Time Gone

We have been so busy this month. We are gearing up for wrestling season and I'm actually excited about it. Daryk is having a 'man shower' this weekend. Just guys and diapers. I hope we get LOTS of them! I got to go to the Bama game this past weekend and had a blast watching everyone panic during that last 4-5 minutes of the game. I got to see Daniel, Haley, and Dan James AND we celebrated Haley's birthday. I spent time traveling with Uncle Malcolm and Aunt Patsy. We had lots of yummy food AND I got to see my baby sister--she's my favorite baby sister. She was so kind and so much fun this weekend. Love her so much and I miss her lots when she's away at school. :)

Baby Hayes is moving around a GOOD bit these days. Every day is something new and different in my belly. I'm getting used to the constant movement. Sunday at church he was quite active as Pastor Greg spoke. I'm pretty sure he was making sure that I was paying attention. I talk to him and he moves and I am finally able to recognize his body parts moving about inside the belly. Hayes is quite active during the day between about 11-2 pm and in the evening from about 6-10 pm. Here's hoping he sticks with that schedule after delivery.

I'm right at 27 weeks--which means 13 more to go. Doctors say that you are supposed to gain a pound a week in the last trimester. I hope not--I'll be huge. The last 5 weeks baby is supposed to be gaining a pound a week too. I'm pretty sure I'll be birthing a toddler at that point. This kid is going to be huge.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby Shower

We had a baby shower this weekend! I am so blessed with such amazing family and friends. Hayes got some gift cards, some diaper and bathing supplies. We got a bouncer seat and lots and LOT of clothes. I can't wait to dress up my little man when he gets here. The brunch was SO yummy too. I think my favorite gift was the cheese balls... I'll post those pictures later. This is our princess picture pose for Caroline.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby Hayes

These are the latest pictures of our baby boy. He's moving lots and lots these days! We had an amazing trip to the dr last week and got to see his face, heart, brain, legs, and lots of other parts! He is quite an active boy in my belly. Friday night I sat in bed and just watched my belly all night long. I laughed at myself because I literally WATCHED my belly move as he moved around. My first baby shower is coming up this Saturday and I can't WAIT! After a lot of consideration and thought Daryk and I finally decided to share his name with the world. Thomas Hayes Cochran will join the world in January (hopefully)! He has a lot to live up to with those names and we have no doubt that our boy will be an amazing human.