Monday, June 6, 2011

Surprise Party

We tried to throw Sean a surprise party. Not sure it was super successful, BUT I think we all had fun and we managed to get a picture of the brothers! Finally! All 3 of Momma Cochran's boys!


We went to see Jordan dance this past weekend. Jordan was excited to see us and we were thrilled to see her dance too! Hayes was totally into the dancing for about 5 songs. We watched sparkly costumes and he clapped after every single song. Hayes really enjoyed the clapping after the songs. He would even dance a bit in the aisle as the girls were dancing on stage!

Just taking a break in the shade...

Relaxing at the lake in the shade for snack time and a break from all the swimming, sliding, and floating in Logan Martin. Gabby and Lucas were sitting in the float and Hayes took a seat in a chair where the Teddy Grahms were.

Slip n Slide

Hayes played with the big guys on the slip and slide at the lake. He really enjoyed running up and down the slide and playing in the water. He didn't quite like the slide part, but he liked the idea of watching everyone else slide!

Little Pool at the Lake

First thing in the morning until the next meal time.... then again after his nap. Hayes surely loved the yellow pool AND the slide!

Ketchup and Fries

Hayes has learned that we dip fries in ketchup and they taste better that way. Ketchup is also a great body paint. Difficult to clean up, but fun to watch!