Thursday, October 4, 2018

Goals: Update on 2018

  1. Organize family photos and prints from 2010-forward.  Place in boxes as needed.

     I still have NOT done this.  
  2. Print and hang portraits for our home.

    Nope.  Not this one either.
  3. Paperwork for family secured in safe (purchase safe).

    Safe has been provided and things are stored. 
  4. Prepare home for foster care/adoption process.

    This is a huge challenge and I'm not sure we are ready for this yet.  Praying still.  I suppose that is preparing for it? 
  5. Track expenses closer than usual and put aside additional 401k savings.

    We are working on creating a better budget.  It is a process.
  6. Find a family service project to complete.

    We are working on this.
  7. Research furniture renovations and complete the pine furniture first.

    Furniture is done!  I now have a table I have to repair and repaint!
  8. Buy a new dining table for our kitchen.

    Table is gorgeous!
  9. Buy a new mattress!

    We LOVE the new mattress!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Impact Cheer 2017-2018

My child has been asking to be a cheerleader for a good long while.  
Like years.
I have no problem with her asking for this, but I didn't want her to like it.
She does.
I coached as well, so those tiny nuggets worked their way into my heart.

Truly brought me a lot of joy and I was thrilled to be a part of the program.

We went a whole entire season and didn't win a single competition.
We went to nationals and won the whole thing!

Apparently the jacket is a big deal!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

August-December 2017

My goal is going to complete the blog updates from the last million years and attempt to stay in real time from now on.  Blogging is something I really like, but it is so hard to maintain that on a regular basis!  I don't mean to neglect it, but it isn't something I can just sit and do unless I plan a time to do it.  

So thankful for this man and his health.
Open heart surgery in August and he was up and moving soon after.
My best friend lost her dad in October to the same kind of heart issue that Dad had.
Every now and again I catch myself thinking about Dad and Roy and how thankful I am.

I started coaching my girl last May and we had competitions through December of 2017.
It was a long season and it was hard, but we had fun!
I think she's ready to do it again and I am gearing up to coach again!

Hayes plays soccer and Libby does cheer.
The girls color on the sidelines while we watch soccer.
It is lovely.

Last season our soccer team was terrible.
As in, we never won a game.
This season was awesome and we went undefeated!

Cheer comp season was similar to LAST soccer season.
We didn't win one single competition during regular season!
We still had a GREAT time!

In October 2017 we put our house on the market and got full asking price in 10 DAYS!

Fall Festival at Winston is always a good time!

Our BFF Kinsley!

Friday, March 30, 2018


The favorite princess from 2017 was Moana.
The Easter Bunny brought Elizabeth a necklace, but just her.
He didn't know that it was going to be a fight to the DEATH for the necklace...
It lead us to a search for another one...

Which caused us to travel to Florida to purchase said necklace...