Friday, July 8, 2016


We visited the mouse this trip.  Hayes and Libby ran right to him, Spencer wasn't sold on the idea.  She eventually came around, as long as Daryk was holding her.

The night we went to see these lights was the day after my Dad had called me to let me know that my grandmother had passed away.  I sobbed and sobbed while seeing them.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love Christmas and Christmas lights.  I love them.  I love the whole 2 months before Christmas.  I started shopping for Christmas this month.  It is July.  I mean business.  So to have an emotional attachement to something so amazing and then to have such an emotional day, it was pretty outstanding.  I literally walked up that street and listened to those songs 3 or 4 times.  I had tears streaming down my face and I just stopped to stare.  I'm sure people probably thought I was nuts, but it was amazing.  

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Part 2. D 2.

We are about one week away from our next trip to Disney World.  I figure I should probably finish blogging about the last one before I forget...

Always a big hit.

See?  Big hit!

They will look like giants compared to this trip.  And Libby's braids are twice as long...

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The celebration begins with a parade...

Soooooooooooooo, we stayed at this sorta scary, sorta cool hotel.  I'm a mom with serious hotel standards, but I let them SLIDE this one time.  We did Disney for less than $500 for a family of 5 and it was possible due to our awesome hotel!
First off, a parade at Magic Kingdom.  The kids loved every minute of it and I was thrilled we caught some of their favorite characters dancing!

We rode the monorail too.  I love riding Disney transportation because it is so easy with the kids!

We have a nice plethora of strollers to choose from, just in case we run out or need options.  These are two of my favorites and I really like having choices.  Judge me.
This girl doesn't look pumped, but she was.  Swear.

Chip and Dale!

My baby chunk and her Daddy.  She went to Disney when she was about 6 months old and slept a lot.  This trip she was awake and awesome!  She had a BLAST!
Annnnnnnnnndddddddddddd, the Tea Cups.  We love this ride and my kids are rockstars about it.  We laugh the ENTIRE time.  It is awesome.  I cannot wait to take all 3 of them on it and have their Daddy watch.  He can't ride.  He pukes.

 And the ultimate family competition ride.  Can I please just beat Daryk ONCE with this!?
I did this trip!  I did not cheat, no matter what he says.  I actually just used my time wisely to make sure that I got enough points while the ride was stopped.
Prisoners of the evil Emperor Zurg.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Disney Day 1

We are only about 6 months behind in life and the blog.

We traveled to Disney World on Thanksgiving Day in 2015.  Our sis and bro in law hosted our early dinner so that we could load up and head out early!  After dinner and no nap we loaded everyone up and I drove.  It works better if I drive since Daryk drives like a grandpa....

We had a tiny break in wrestling season from Thanksgiving Thursday-Sunday and that was the ONLY 4 day stretch that we had off all season!  I booked that trip to see THE MOUSE as soon as I realized we had the funds and the time off!

So I drove.  So we could get there at a decent hour.  Pretty sure we pulled into the scary $30 a night outside door hotel around midnight with plans to get up at 7 the next day.  The scary hotel with outside doors had a HUGE room.  After check in and unloading, we crammed sleep in and then we got up early the next morning, courtesy of our real life alarm clocks in the form of PRESCHOOLERS, and grabbed breakfast at the hotel before we hit the parks!

Traveling with this dude means the never ending hunt for the ORANGE Mountain Dew.  He is always thrilled to find it and buy as many as possible for the trip!  It isn't sold in the metro  Atlanta area, so we always stock up when we travel.  

At some point we stopped for dinner at a Cracker Barrell, because they were open on Turkey Day and changed the kids into their jammies.  If Chick-fil-A isn't open, we shoot for the CB since they have a space to walk around and good food!  Plus, their bathrooms are usually pretty clean!  

Sleepy babies as we pulled into the hotel and checked in!  
Day 2:  Coming soon!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Turkey Break

There were a couple of things worth celebrating over this break and a couple of things that were equally heartbreaking.  

This is my brilliant cousin Caleb and my gorgeous sister Kitty! We were celebrating Brandie's wedding to Devin.  It was a quaint wedding with a special set of guests.  I count it the highest honor that I get invited to weddings of my family and friends.  I LOVE weddings and I know that so many people have such a hard time deciding who to invite.  I know that people lose sleep and worry about hurt feelings and agonize over their guests.  I adore being among the chosen and actually getting those invitations!  I will do anything I can to attend them all!

And then there is this kid who apparently doesn't know that you can sleep in on breaks.  
Suns up so I'm up MOM!

I got to spend a few evenings sitting in the woods with my daddy.  Yes, I hunt deer.  Yes I wear makeup while doing so.  And of course I had in my pearl earrings.  What if I killed something?  I would need to look cute for pictures.  I am so grateful my daddy took time out of this week, which was possibly the worst of 2015 for him, to spend some time with me.  We didn't see the first deer to shoot, but it was good quality time together.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Goal Updates: March 2016--more like April.

  1. Grow produce this summer.  Start a plan in March and proceed forward with tomatoes and peppers for the summer.  I think I can handle two things.

    I should start that now, right?
  2. Clean out and organize one room each month.  It will break my little hoarder/sentimental heart to trash some of the things, but it needs to happen.  Starting in the girls' room tomorrow morning.  Closet and drawers need attention.  Hayes' room is in February.  Bathrooms upstairs in March... that's my first quarter done...

    I am making major progress with this goal!  Playroom done.  Kids clothes done.  My closet done.  Working on the rest of the house a little at a time.  We got a MAJOR upheaval in April since my sis and bro in law are going to be sharing our space for a bit... So we had FORCED cleaning out of some space.  It was MUCH needed.
  3. Paint the rooms... living room, office, dining room... and patch the ceiling kitchen.  While you're at it, let's just go ahead and fix the wires in the living room too., okay?  And purchase new furniture for the living room.  I decided all house updates had to go in the same goal, so I'll have to also repair the master bath wall/ceiling as well.

    Living room done.  Dining room next.  Ceiling patching and repair and repaint in June.  New furniture was gifted to us in April!
  4. Exercise for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week.  Dance parties in the living room count as cardio.  Running counts.  Weighted toddler carry time does not count.

    Yeah, no.
  5. Become a Mary Kay sales director.  I desperately want to work a job with some flexibility for my family.  I also really like Mary Kay and the company.  Products are good, company philosophy is good, and the atmosphere is positive.

    Still a legitimate goal.  Still working towards it.
  6. Plan a trip to Disney for 2016.  Purchase a $100 Disney gift card each month to start piling money away for it.  Kroger fuel points AND a Disney trip.  Two birds;  one stone.

    Nope.  Not yet.  I'm only 4 months in, so I can start now... right?
  7. Complete a Bible reading plan.  I'm looking at a few, but I'm open to ideas and suggestions people!

    I'm a spotty reader at best.  I still love Jesus Calling and I read it sporadically... at best.
  8. Schedule a fun date with Daryk each month.  I'd really like to call it my Groupon event... I would love to buy a Groupon/Living Social/Scout Mob date and go do something different each month!  January and February are so difficult because of wrestling, but we can figure something out!

    We do this by default, but not as organized as I would like for it to be!
  9. Plan and HOLD 5 Mary Kay Skincare and Glamour classes each month.  Who wants to come over and play makeup with me!?

    Still working towards this as well.  I need to up my MK game.
  10. Develop a family routine/plan and follow through with it.  Weekly plans in progress now...

    This seems impossible, but I will keep working towards this goal and complete it eventually.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My new mom BFF

When I realized Hayes was starting kindergarten (much to my personal mom dismay) I began to pray for his peers.  I began to pray for their parents and asked God to bless me with a friend to share worry and joy with.  I began to ask God to send Hayes good friends with good homes and good parents.  I could not have ASKED God for a better set of FRIENDS for Hayes.  I could not have asked God for a better friend for myself either!  Hayes was blessed with two wonderful besties in kindergarten;  Lexi and Rex.  Their families are fantastic and the social life the three of them have at school is equally awesome!

I have enjoyed everything about getting to know Rex's mom and I really enjoyed spending time with her!  We have spent a few nights, days, weekends chatting and letting our boys play!  The connection with another mom has been great.  To share worry and doubt and success with each day and week has been wonderful!  I am SO grateful for the time we have had together and I have begun praying that Hayes will be able to share the next few years of school with the same wonderful peers!