Monday, December 25, 2017

Goal Summary 2017

You can view my 2017 goal list HERE.

  1. Started several books.  Didn't finish one.  ...sigh...
  2. No crops.  Zero.  I did grow some awesome flowers though!  Does that count?
  3. There was lots of purging and ridding of uneccesary things.  Not in an orderly fashion, but the effort counts, right?
  4. I did sell some antiques.  I did buy new furniture on December 22nd, for our new house... but it got done y'all!
  5. Home repairs done.  We sold that house and the repairs were required for the sale! 
  6. Nada on the exercise.  Next....
  7. Nope on the MK sales director and nope on the quit teaching.  I have actually found a renewed passion for that one lately.  The MK is still fun, but less passion is present!
  8. Still working on the debt payoff plan.  We sold our Mason Falls Drive house and we will be able to use our profits to pay off most debt.  We are still waiting on the closing of our new house to do that. 
  9. We did repaint all those rooms listed.  We didn't do any of those other major repairs because we sold that house. 
  10. Good GRAVY--a  lot can change in 12 months.  Looking back at this list... I see some of the things I wanted to do were a good idea, but I have learned that I have to create TANGIBLE goals with a way to track them.  Be on the lookout for #goalpost2018 soon with measurable goals that I can actually track and achieve! 
  11. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas!  

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Zoo Times

In December 2016 we were gifted with a Zoo Atlanta membership!  We were finally able to cash that in during February of 2017 and have been every single month since then.  This was one of our miscellaneous Saturday excursions with Ms Mackenzie!  We got to spend extra time in the panda habitat learning about things they love.  They enjoy textures, scents, and personal touch.  

The face in a hole pictures will be the death of me.

African elephants covered in red Georgia mud.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Combo

This year was exceptionally busy for us in the Spring.  I am grateful that all our people made time for an Easter gathering and celebration of Spencer turning 3.  Somehow those things happened in the SAME week and we got to gather and celebrate both our Risen Savior and this sassy pot.  She insisted on wearing her Elena dress for the celebration and egg hunt.
See below.

Grandma and most of her grand babies.
Clean children.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Often times I wonder how in the world I make this life work.
Our finances are messy.
Our days are busy.
We don't eat as well as we should.
The kids argue, a lot.
They run me to death.
They ask a lot of questions.
Too many.
But at the end of each day I am thankful for them.
The chaos.
This life.
No matter the crazy, they keep me grounded.
They make me feel like what I am doing matters.

I worry though...
such a sad state of personality.
I kid I kid.
Clearly we are entertained.
And we have one with food on the brain.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Easter 2017

Ya'll, I flipping love Easter.
It is easily my favorite holiday all year long.
I love what we are celebrating and how amazing my life is because of that.
Because of Christ.
I love the colors.
Pastels and brights and all the florals.
I adore that it goes on for weeks because my kids celebrate at school too.
I love that I get to serve at church and love the babies.
There is something about giving that fills my cup...
And then there are these kids.
These crazy blessings that I have to hang out with every day.
They are hilarious to watch and enjoy on a daily basis.
I freaking love them.
She only wanted the pink and purple eggs.
She would literally RUN by every other color...

Friday, April 21, 2017

Spencer's Drama

Let's all observe Spencer's dramatic flair.
I really enjoy how much enthusiasm she wakes up with daily.
I love that she's about as positive as I AM!
Her smiley face lights up every single face.
I am often told that she is the happiest child in the world.
I am just SO grateful that she is MINE!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Joy turns 3

Spencer Brynne turned 3 on Friday.
Here are a handful of pictures that make me giggle.

Can you tell she loves that hat?

Oh, and sleeping.
She loves sleeping.