Monday, February 24, 2014


I made reservations for these two to go to Chick Fil A a few weeks ago for a Daddy-Daughter Date.  I believe she had more fun than she thought she would!  I let her pick her own outift and supervised, just to make sure she didn't look like a colorblind person who has no concept of pink.  I also let her wear this sweater, which she loves.  She was SO excited to go on a date with her Daddy and even more excited when they gave her ice cream.  I hope that they spend lots of time 'dating' in the years to come.  I know that he will be able to teach her lots of things about how all the men in her life should treat her.  I pray daily that she embrace the qualities God gave her.  I know that her stubborn attitude will one day come in handy.  One day when peer pressure is strong and she's being asked/told to do things I'm not happy with.  Her 'I do it by myself-leave me alone-I can make up my own mind' attitude will be beneficial to her. 

Right now, that attitude is trying for my parenting... but I'll take it. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Five long years=a whole hand.

Engaged 2008.
Married 2009, but nobody knew yet...
First married vacation... also pregnant!
Became parents January 2010.
Celebrated our chunk child summer 2010.
Pregnant with #2 November 2010.
VERY pregnant with #2 summer 2011.
Day before we became a family of 4, August 2011.
Family of 4 and my 7 chins...
Toddler activities fall 2011.

Baby love fall 2011.
All smiles as a family of 4, spring 2012.

Christmas 2012.
Spring 2013, maybe a family of 5 on the way?
Happiest place on earth... can I go back NOW!? 2013
Christmas 2013, family of 5 on the way...
Celebrating birthday #4 for baby #1.
The first Georgia snow of 2014...
5 years.
2.85 babies.
2 houses.
1 new minivan.
Lots of love.
And a family that God built.
Every day is a blessing and I truly believe that.
Yes, I am Suzie Sunshine and I'm ok with that.
Celebrating 5 years of marriage, family, and sharing life with Daryk this week.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


We may or may not have watched one of those links on YouTube where they have movies that haven't quite made it to a video source just yet.  One Friday night long ago in a land far away we watched Frozen.  The next morning the same link didn't work.  They cried.  I cried.  We all shed a tear for the movie that wasn't....

So I promptly called my BFF (who shall remain anonymous--for her own protection of course) and asked for a copy of the movie she technically didn't already have either.  Mind you, both of us have already pre-ordered it from Amazon and expect it to arrive on the correct ship date in March, but there was NO way my children were going to understand that we had to WAIT 6 more weeks.  Wasn't going to happen.

Bless my anonymous BFF and her husband for sending a copy right along our way!  We secured it JUST before the nasty ice storm (round 2) in Georgia and watched it at least 8 times in 3 days.  The entire family has roamed around singing every song at the top of our lungs for the last 2 weeks.  You don't know the words?  YouTube it.  Learn them.  You'll thank me later.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Daddy Time

This man.
This man who is the father of my children is an amazing human.  He comes home from wrestling practice and gives my children a bath every night.  He sits with us at family dinner and then cleans it up too.  He plays with them each night and manages to say prayers with them every night before bed too.  He lets this little girl squish his face and hit him on the head with a hairbrush brush his hair every time she asks.  He will even sit with them in the chair and let them squirm all over the place while they ask him 90 questions.  
He talks about super heroes, dinosaurs, and Disney movies with Hayes.  He makes faces and teaches him important things about being a big boy, like how to pee in the toilet and not on my bathroom floors...  He spends time coloring 'art' with him and uses every opportunity to teach him something.  He sings silly songs and will dance around the living room if Hayes asks him to.  He helps Hayes choose his clothes every single day and he even makes sure he matches.  
I understand that not everyone gets the whole 'married to a coach' lifestyle.  I knew he was a coach when I married him.  I didn't anticipate that this 'wrestling family' would become mine by default, but I love them too.  I'm grateful for the friendships and the love that community provides to my family as well.  I'm thankful that my husband, the coach, comes home to love on my children after working all day with everyone else's.  He shows my children so much through coaching.  
His love for wrestling and those wrestling kids is phenomenal.  Hayes and Elizabeth both know all those guys as 'daddy's boys' from wrestling.  As far as they are concerned, all those boys are their friends too.  I'm so proud of my husband, the coach.  Sure, there are nights I resent wrestling.  Most of the time I'm tired and the kids are trying my patience and I'm ill about the fact that I'm doing the 'parenting' all alone.  I know I'm not the only mom doing things by myself... and I know that I'll have my parenting partner home soon enough.  

And you know what, he's a darn good partner.
And parent.
And husband.
And I love him for all of those things.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Smelly Pits

Most people struggle with their blog titles, but I just like to call it like it is.  I have been blessed to be a part of a GREAT tester nation called Influenster.  They send you various products for you to try and you write reviews, share opinions, and provide feedback to the product vendors.  So far in this journey with Influenster I have gotten deodorant, a thermometer, a wedding prep box with various goodies, soap and body wash, and some anti-aging cream to try!  I have loved most of the products and provided plenty of feedback to each company.  I truly enjoy completing each 'challenge' and by continuing to do so, I'm eligible for more products!  You should check it out!  Let me know if you want an invite and I'll send you an email!  

Last week (ish) I got the Dove VoxBox containing this lovely product.  
The statistic on the card reads, 36% of what you shave off in the shower is skin.  Implying that we don't shave much hair, just skin.  However, I don't have much hair in that area since I had laser hair removal there... also a good idea.  Make that investment if you haven't already.  

Wasn't too worried about the shaving/skin part.  However, I'm always on the lookout for some new deo products.  I've always struggled with finding products that actually WORK to prevent sweat and smell decent.  I already have a VERY sensitive nose and pregnancy makes it even MORE sensitive, if that's possible...  This product smells fantastic!  It has been great for my overly sweaty self as well.  No matter the activity it has prevented sweat for days at this point.  Wrestling toddlers, doing laundry, teaching, singing on stage at church, going on a field trip, and sitting at home for 3 days in the snow/ice storm... no sweaty armpits.  Very practical and not overwhelming with smell either.  It is a nice clean scent and I love that.  I don't like smells that are too much of any one thing.  Too much floral or vanilla and I wanna puke.  

Love this product!  I've been diligently hunting sale flyers and coupons to see when it goes on sale so I can buy some more.  I have always loved Dove products, especially their deo!  I think I will officially make the switch to this one!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Energized or exhausted?

There are very few days when I think to myself, 'She's so calm.'  Actually, I never think that.  She wears me out every single day.  Her boundless energy and zeal for life are fantastic.  I can barely keep up.
Occasionally, she does stop moving.  Not for long, but if she is sitting still and the camera can focus I like to capture it.  She loves to watch songs on the tv and sing along when she can.  

Sometimes we get a visit from Leigh Leigh after church and she gets to experience diva mode.  Shoes, glasses, and polka dots.  I love her.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Neat and Clean

If you ever wanted to see the chaos that is my house, just glance below.  Here's the thing, it isn't really chaotic.  Until Elizabeth wakes up, then it becomes full blown hurricane status.  Before that, it is just Hayes, his toys, and rows of dinosaurs.  I'm not really sure where his 'sense of order' came from, but he prefers all toys to look like this.  Occasionally, he puts them in a circle, but mostly they live in lines.

I suppose this is a choo choo train of toys?  I'm not sure what they are doing, but it appears that the binoculars are leading a charge to... somewhere...

Monday, February 10, 2014

Alllllll up in your junk

In case you ever decided to come visit... this is what you would find and exactly how you would look.
Elizabeth and Hayes have no concept of personal boundaries and don't really care to learn.
They spend plenty of time all up in your junk.
They will climb on your lap or up your legs or on your head.
I have to fight them to keep them off my belly.
I'm sure Spencer Brynne wouldn't mind, but I can't handle them all squishing me from every angle...
Leigh Anne got her very own taste of it... 
Bless her.
And she couldn't even escape it.
They were attacking her from all sides.
With her own slipper no doubt...
No escaping the affection of the children.
Leigh Anne comes over to do wedding prep and gets attacked.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hayes Date

The ELC always does Father's Night for the kids at school.  They aren't in school for Father's Day, so dads get a special night once a year. Luckily, our times didn't overlap and Daddy was able to enjoy time with both babies!  I got time with my big baby boy while his sister was on a date with her Daddy at school.  We went to Yogli Mogli (which is ice cream mountain if you ask Hayes) and he ate sprinkles.  I'm pretty sure he had 2 actual bites of yogurt and the rest was sprinkles.  He also talked with the girl who worked there about her big belly like mommy's.  I hope she was really pregnant...
It isn't a good night our unless you get some selfies.  We took a few, just in case.  

I don't even know how he makes this pirate face all the time, but he does.  It is now his signature face.  I give up trying to fix it or deal with it.  I just have to laugh.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

30 weeks #3

After the SnowJam2014 I decided to be slightly crazy and take the kids by myself at 30 weeks pregnant to see Frozen in theaters.  I packed tissue, snacks, and beverages for all.  It was a pleasant day and there weren't any major hiccups.  I decided to go ahead and take my '30 weeks SB' pictures that day since I had an available adult to help.  I had a slight delay/distraction with a stubborn, camera hoggin' 2 year old little girl.  But after viewing these photos... I couldn't help but laugh at her.

I mean, how do you say no to that?

Here I am.
30 weeks with Spencer Brynne Cochran.

Just some comparison pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Oddly enough, I haven't gained as much as I did with either of my first two.  I'm not sure my belly pictures reflect the weight gain, since I have a giant belly!  I know this girl is growing and active.  We will get to 'plan' her birth date this week at the doctor's appointment on Thursday morning!  I am secretly hoping that my doctor is working on April 10, 2014.  I would really like that to be Spencer Brynne's birth date.  Unless she decides to come earlier than that...

After the photo session, the Frozen viewing, and a meltdown from Elizabeth in the car... I got to spend time with Hayes as he watched every single song from Frozen on my laptop while he ate dinner.  His personal favorite, Let It Go, was played at least 15 times.  

As we are nearing the end of this pregnancy, and the last pregnancy we planned on purpose, I am becoming more tired and more sad about it.  I think knowing this is my 'last time to do such & such' or my last kick/roll/punch from inside my belly makes this whole thing bittersweet.  I am thrilled to be having another baby.  I would have 10 if I thought I could manage it.  But I cannot imagine chasing 3 little people around while pregnant again!  It has been so challenging for the last month and grows more difficult with every passing week.  Large belly+active preschoolers=hard time for momma.

I'm trying to soak up every last minute of the next 10 weeks and just enjoy being pregnant.
Remind me of that when I'm complain of exhaustion....

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My 2014 To Do List

  1. I am going to grow plants this summer.  I'd like to grow a lot, but I'll settle for a few.  Tomatoes, beets, cucumbers, carrots, squash, and zucchini, to start with.  I'm researching methods via Pinterest right now and will start seedlings as directed once the time is right.  I suppose I'll need to do this on the back porch or in the garage for the meantime.  I plan to use the small area by the garage to grow my veggies in large planters or raised beds.  Who wants to build me those?

    Clearly we won't be working on this until March-ish.  I have started buying some bulbs I need to bury ASAP so they will bloom in Spring.  Had I known we would be frozen for 3 days, I would have done it last week.
  2. Run races.  As in, plural.  I have run my pregnancy races and I have one more to go.  I'd really like to be able to run a few more races after the baby comes.  I know I'll need time to heal since I will be having a child via surgery in April... I'm hoping I can schedule some races in June/July.

    I desperately want to run/walk another race before Spencer Brynne makes her arrival, but the countdown is on and the number of weekends decreases quickly.  Plus, I can't do all of the races with the kids, etc... I'm still looking for the RIGHT one before she gets here.  After she arrives, I'll start racing again in June and register for one every other month after that.
  3. Buy the dang minivan.  This is a lingering 2013 goal... I wonder if I knew that my husband was going to let me have another baby AND we were going to and that's why I made that goal in 2013?  Either way, I cannot wait to be the proud owner of a minivan.  I see this happening in March.

    Yeah, hasn't happened yet.  I know I have about 10 weeks until baby gets here, so obviously that is a major priority.  After this past week's snow/ice drama I want something with 4WD.  We might reconsider that whole minivan thing and buy a tank.
  4. Build my business.  I suppose this means I need to work on the business.  I have several of them I could work on, but none that I really focus on.  I love Advocare products.  I use them regularly.  I also love Mary Kay products, they are lovely.  I have a great love for my sewing machine and should use it more often.  I would like to be able to grow one or all of those into something successful that generates income so that I could stay home with my babies one day.  Yep, another goal for another year, but I'll work on it in 2014.

    Thankfully, I have been working on the hairbows!  I have had several larger orders and I even made myself a Facebook page for Knot Just Hairbows!  I'm going to market myself to local high school sports teams this spring and keep working towards that.  One thing at a time...
  5. Paint and decorate the kid's rooms.  We have to move Libby to the bigger room and put Hayes in the smaller room since we will be housing two girls.  This project was on my agenda for Christmas break, but it is not likely to happen this week.  I have to buy Libby bunk beds and then we can make the move.  Hoping for February?

    This month.  Paint colors picked out.  Princess and Superhero murals are in the works.  Bunk beds to come in March.  Rooms will be painted in 3 weeks.  I am very excited about that.
  6. Plant flowers in the yard this spring and summer.  I love seeing my neighbors lovely yards and I'd like to have my own this year.

    Bulbs bought.  Planters in the works.  Totally acceptable to spray paint the cheap plastic ones?  Yes....
  7. Develop a budget/plan to save for future Disney trips and eventually yearly passes.  I love going to see The Mouse.  I love that my kids want to go there often as well.  I want nothing more than to take them there all the time.  As a matter of fact, we could just move there and I'd be thrilled.  I'm working on this part.

    I have booked us a trip to WDW in September of 2014.  Speaking of, I need to make a payment on that soon.  I also have been working on a savings plan for our 2015 trip.
  8. I would love to be able to use my blog as a venue to make some extra income for my family as well.  I am going to investigate that and look for income via my blog while on maternity leave.

    I haven't looked into this, but I have been diligently increasing my traffic to the blog and plan to continue that through Facebook and Pinterest.  Hopefully I can be blog famous one day (or at least make mom-ney, so I can stay home)...
  9. Purge.  Clean out the closets, rooms, drawers, cabinets, and garage and rid this house of unnecessary objects, clutter, junk, and excess.  We need to learn to live with less and be happy with that.

    In the great snow storm I managed to clean out 2 closets and organize the kids clothes for the upcoming season.  I need to take 'baby girl clothes' inventory and make a list of what I need for Spencer Brynne's arrival.  I also plan to tackle the garage shelves that I'm responsible for this week.  One room at a time, right?
  10.  Wake up earlier during the week and make time for myself.  Enjoy coffee, or a book, or the quiet.  I could make breakfast for myself or the littles, or just put on my makeup like a normal person.

    Yeah, just no.  Just not happening.  I think I might be a failure at this goal.  Oops.
I am going to spend some time working on these and I will likely add to them as I go.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

Frozen and Brave

Those just happen to be two of my favorite Disney movies.  We watched Brave Saturday night at home and we went to watch Frozen in the movie theater Sunday afternoon.  I took both children to see a movie in a theater.  AAAAAAAlllllllllllllllllllll by my very own self.

None of us died.  There were no accidents, not even for the giant pregnant lady.  I put Elizabeth in a pull up just in case, but she did a fantastic job.  Can you please explain to me why the child can go through a 2 hour movie with no accidents but cannot seem to manage that when we are at home!?  She plowed through enough popcorn to kill a small animal.  I stopped on the way to the movies and got them both some m&ms.  I saved those for that point in the movie where they had become restless and wanted to get up and go frolic in the aisles.  We also got ourselves a large popcorn upon arrival.

Hayes was determined to have 'movie snacks' and popcorn fit the bill.  I was able to get some extra little plastic trays for their popcorn.  I didn't really want to have to pass the popcorn back and forth.  Turns out, I should have just taken a bucket for Elizabeth.  She literally ate half the giant bucket.  I ate the other half.  It had extra butter and was delicious.  Hayes at 2 bites.  He also had a pack of m&ms.  Elizabeth also used her tray for the m&ms.

I packed water and sippy cups just in case the urge for a beverage struck us.  I really wanted a giant Coke Icee, but I didn't get one.  Yay for me.  Also, we scored bonus Regal points and got ourselves a free small popcorn and a free movie ticket for next time!  Elizabeth was very upset upon learning that the movie was over and we had to leave.  She cried the whole way out of the mall and home about wanting to 'go see Frozen' again.  I believe we might have to go watch it again, and soon!

In case you haven't seen the movie, you really should.  Though, at this point it might be worth waiting until March 18th for the video release... That was my original plan, but I am thrilled that I decided to go to the theaters instead.  I have always been a Disney film lover and most importantly, Disney musicals!  Frozen is both of those things, Disney and a musical.  The vocals are phenomenal and the vocal talents used are all very well respected vocalists.  I dare say that the soundtrack has already been purchased....

Oh, and just 3 days after I drove in nasty snow and ice to get my car, I wore flip flops to take the trash out to the curb.  Again, winter.... temperatures... pick one and be consistent!