Monday, May 23, 2011

28 weeks

We are not so diligent with photos when they are required! 28 weeks and counting. We are getting close to the end of the school year and I am so excited. I cannot WAIT to be home with Hayes all day and get this house ready for Elizabeth!

Colors Colors Everywhere!

Hayes really likes cheetos.
Hayes REALLY liked that brownie mix. And he was really mad that I took it away from him. Shhhh... it doesn't have too many raw eggs.
Hayes also has a deep appreciation for markers.

I noticed the fireplace Mom.

New broom=messy room.

Things I do with Dad

Helping with the household duties... and lounging on the couch... and cleaning the house with my broom...


It is finally warm enough for us to play outside. Hayes would prefer that he get to play naked, but the diaper will have to do for now. He loves the slide we have in the front yard. Hayes doesn't really see the difference between the side to climb UP on and the side to go DOWN on. He will literally walk off or climb up either side.

Rainbows after the storm

I love this promise from God. The reminder of His word is beautiful.

Easter Sweets

We had a blast. Hunting for eggs and playing with Hayes in the yard. I've discovered that I rather enjoy taking photos of my sweet baby boy. I think everyone had a good time that day!

Random Hair

Check this out.

21 weeks at the jungle gym

We have 21 weeks under our belt with Elizabeth James Cochran. Sure hope that she IS really a girl. Her room is purple and we have lots of sparkle in that closet. Hayes thinks my belly is great for 2 reasons: climbing, and more climbing.

I have the remote.

Note to all parents.... remote controls are necessary for toddler survival. It also helps to have a few extra that you don't really need for regular use, just in case.

Sweet Baby Girl

Jarod and Rhonda welcomed a sweet baby girl on Leigh Anne's birthday, March 18th! I was so excited to visit the new family in the hospital and hold that baby. I forgot my boy used to be that tiny. She was a perfect little angel and has such a sweet face.

Back in March....

I'm way behind on this blog thing! My summer goal is to blog once a week so you see current photos of my sweet baby boy. I'm hoping I can make this an addition to my computer routine! March consisted of many fun things that I neglected to post about! Kitty ran a half marathon, why, I'm not sure, but she did! We were so proud! I cheered from the sidelines just before we all took a potty break.