Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Overload

No--I didn't have too much turkey or ham. And NO family--I didn't eat the whole entire bread section--but I could have! 35 weeks and counting at this point! I'm ready for him to get here already. I have the room all ready and I'm packing my bag for the hospital. I have mailed my 'pre admission' paperwork to the hospital. I don't think there is much else to do.

I have cleaned and un-cleaned and re-cleaned the entire house. I have organized and reorganized the nursery about 10 times. I can't WAIT for him to be here. I'm ready to meet him and hold him.

Christmas has come and gone. Time with all the family was great and exhausting. Laura Ann and Caroline both were quite excited to meet the belly and see it in person. Caroline has watched the nativity story this past week and she informed me that 'having a baby hurts'. Apparently the channel didn't get changed in time and she heard that tidbit of information. She was in love with the belly and spent more time rubbing it and touching it than she did running around and yelling. Laura Ann was in love with the oreo balls and Daniel was dressed in Speed Racer wear last night. He told us that he was not going to be Laura Ann's prince. Those kids are priceless and I loved spending time with them.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Almost ready for Hayes

Well the mural is 95 % done. I'm just waiting for Daryk to paint the water. I'm going to give him another week or two and then I'm doing it myself. Hayes will be here before that thing is done and then he'll wonder why the fish swim on the wall. We still have to put the finishing touches on the animals and their eye balls. Right now they look kinda creepy. I'm so proud of my mural! I painted most of it--yes ME! I've decided I'll tackle our room next and paint something fun on our wall too. I think maybe I see a business opportunity for us... perhaps we'll start painting murals. Much love to everyone and Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

THE Infamous Cheese Biscuits

We spent our Thanksgiving holiday on the legendary farm. I say that because until this Thanksgiving I didn't really even think it was a REAL place because I'd only heard stories and seen pictures. One could easily make up stories and find pictures in a magazine. :) Alas, it is a REAL live place--and I believe properly titled 'Memory Lane'. Or maybe that was just a temporary road sign that Jay stole... either way... it fit. I was able to see LOTS of our family in Vidalia and we were even blessed to have a baby shower! The Thanksgiving dinner/lunch was amazing. Never have I ever seen a WHOLE cooked pig on a table for your own carving. Bethany and I both had a hard time figuring out how to identify the body of the pig once it was cooked. I had some of the most amazing brownies and I would happily call them 'death by chocolate'. Got to see all the cousins I have come to love so much and spent time with them around the food and fire!
At our baby shower Saturday morning we got LOTS of books! We both love books and soon Hayes will have his very own shelves full of them. Daryk got a gas mask for the stinky diaper changes--thanks Brandy and Chris for that! I'll appreciate it. I promise to take a picture once he puts it on. Our little man also got some more diapers and lots of clothes. The girls even made him TWO blankets! I can't wait for him to get here so he can see all this cool stuff he got. Baby shower for the CHEESE baby allowed me to sample the CHEESE biscuits. Now--I've known this family for almost 5 years now and EVERYONE says these things are legendary. I love bread anyway so it wasn't difficult for anyone to convince me to try them. Of course they are marvelous! And everyone explained that I should eat as many as I could QUICKLY because they might disappear faster than they come out of the oven. No joke. Needless to say the last to arrive at the shower got NONE... her child was the culprit who ate the last of them! One day I'm going to figure out how to make those. So delicious!