Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finally, the lake.

Momma, I wanna go swimming
Okay baby, let's change into your trunks.
No momma.  Those are too far away.
Okay, well go swim in your shorts then.
No momma.  They will get wet.
Um, okay.
Meanwhile he's stripping out of his shoes, clothing, and lastly his undies.
Hayes, you can swim in your underwear.  It is okay to swim in.
No momma.  They will get wet.

Ok Hayes.
Have it your way.
No shoes, no shirt, no shorts... nothing.
Nudity at its finest.
Mawmaw says he's so white he glows.

This chic didn't mind the water or stripping down to her actual diaper to get in.
After a few minutes of swimming she was sporting a GIANT diaper.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Swing

This is what summer in the Cochran house looks like.
Stunning shades and secuirty blankets galore.
Also, side ponytails for the baby mullet.

We finally made time to go swim in the neighborhood pool last week.
I've been getting the inside scoop from our students who live nearby.
Not crowded in the A.M., and the opening hours are optional.
So we can show up shortly after breakfast and have our own swim time.
My children are up and done with breakfast by 8 a.m. every day, think it will be cold enough?
Elizabeth knows no fear.
She throws herself down the stairs with blind faith that we will catch her.
Clearly she jumps into the pool with the same blind faith...

Hayes is always a little more cautious than his baby sister.
Hesitant and a bit more reserved.
Dare I say that he's my child? 

This is sleeping beauty.
She sports this look at LEAST 4 days a week.
Lights on, noise machine off, and all 3 of us sweetly saying 'good morning baby'....
She doesn't budge until we physically make her move and get her up.
Dare I say... she is also my child?

I think the things they gather from each parent expand far beyond eye and hair color.
I can't wait to tell you how they are both like their father!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Taste of Douglasville

Last weekend we spent Saturday morning wondering if Elizabeth was ever going to wake up.
She slept until almost 11!
Hayes and I built sky scrapers and towers with his blocks and his trains.
He has plenty of legos... I promise, but he chose the wooden blocks for this project.
Elizabeth finally yelled for us at almost 11 and we started the laundry for the day.
She got up, helped me start the laundry and then went to lay back down again!
Rotten.  Girl. 

After lunch we headed to see BeBe at the Taste of Douglasville outdoor festival downtown.
We had ice cream, pizza, and got animal balloons.
Elizabeth had on a new pair of shoes and then she lost one shoe.
It was the VERY FIRST TIME she had worn them and I was NOT happy!
After about 30 minutes of backtracking and some help from my student Haley, we found it!
After our snacks and the lost shoe we pranced through THIS puddle lake.

She looks so pleased.

Synchronized swimming/diving etc...

I love them.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Friday Follies

Last Friday I came home from running errands and walked in the house to my kids and wrestlers.
Hayes looks at me and says, "Momma, we got boys!"
I laughed out loud.
He said it like they were a present or something we went to the store and bought.
We were taking a family field trip to the Kennesaw area and dropping the 'boys' off.
We had planned to go eat dinner and shop some in the area.
We wanted to go to the jumping place up there, but we were too late!
Hayes was so disappointed, but he survived.

Just a little snack on the way to Kennesaw.

He was laughing at Elizabeth while she was eating her toes...

then he decided he would try his toes.
**side note--his feet stink like a grown man and he's only 3**

We.  Had.  The.  Varsity.
I don't think the kids ate any of the nuggets OR fries we gave them.
But they liked the hats and the icecream.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Party Time

I think this picture captures their loving/annoyed relationship perfectly.
She is grinning and loving that she is annoying him.
He is clearly annoyed because she is in his personal space and touching him.
Love it.
Sibling love at its finest!

I'm sure this is his 'CHEESE' face!
He was at his end of the year picnic with his friends in class.
Shout out to the best babysitter ever!
My former student, now friend, Jennifer is the best.
She has loved my children and been so great this school year!
We are so thankful for her!

Hank and Hayes in their shades.

Hayes the ladies man.
I love it!

Her hair.
My nemesis.
Can it just be long already?
I'm ready to braid it and such.
It looks like a MESS!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Annnnnd, that's a wrap.

The wedding involved some climbing...
No groomsmen were harmed during the shooting of this photo.

Sheldon Cooper ladies and gents...
I'm raising Sheldon Cooper.
Lined them up first, then organized by color, then ate his favorites last.
He is my child.
Lord help us all.

Best looking crew out there.
We sat and waited in the rain for what felt like hours....
But I'm pretty sure it was more like 45 minutes-ish.
Kathryn didn't even know her dress would double as a blanket during such a time.
We were trying to keep warm and dry!
Luckily we had a beverage delivery service from the 'mens.'

They were troopers and did a great job that day!
I don't think anyone understands the magnitude of my worry from that day.
I was TERRIFIED that my children would ruin everything.
Throw a fit, run, cry, scream, you know... the works.
Worst thing that happened was that we had to keep them DRY long enough to get them to the wedding.
Also, Elizabeth filled her diaper with a lovely surprise about 2.5 seconds before go time.
She sported the dirty diaper for a stroll down the aisle.
Thankfully no one was close enough to notice!

Papa is the only one with legs long enough for this to be a game.
She tries it with the rest of us and it doesn't end well.
She usually falls backwards or makes me fall over.

We all danced.
Even this chick.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hurry up & wait

Bride and MOH getting last minute prep work done before pictures!

Hope was the dog whisperer on Saturday!
She picked up Baby Dog and brought her to FoxHall so she could do pictures with them.

Her real name is Eleanor Rigby.
Baby Dog for short.

Happy couple getting pictures made before the ceremony.

Sir William Pitts posing in his stunning golf cart.
Totally suits him.
One of the BEST spots for photos!

I was so worried a meltdown would ensue with the kiddos.
Thankfully they BOTH cooperated and were fantastic!

She was SO gorgeous!
Not that she isn't gorgeous every day....

We even had PaPaw with us on her special day.
He accompanied all of us down the aisle on Saturday.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Wedding Prep

My hair was a filthy mess when Layla got started Saturday morning.
But dirty hair stayed put all night long.
Also, I felt like she was doing brain surgery and stabbing the bobby pins into my scalp.
But I looked fabulous, so that's all that matters...

My favorite girl named Carrie doing the makeup for the other 'maids.
Emily looked amazing and Carrie did a fantastic job!
I enjoyed getting to catch up with Carrie and chat while she made them all beautiful!

Megan's hair was flawless.
Also, her house is amazeballs and I need to hire her to decorate my house.

I caught the bride in mid tweeze....

Jessica fell in love with tiny doggies.
I think she wanted to take them home.
This pup was a pro at begging to be held and for food.
No shock that the pup followed Jessica all day long.

Face almost done and hair was complete.
I waited on eye makeup until I was sure I wasn't going to cry anymore.

I think I ate all the cucumbers and broccoli that was present that day.
I love my fresh veggies!

All our dresses were the same shade o' blue... but different styles.
I loved them!
Annnnnnnnnnnnd they had pockets. 

Part of our gifts and the shoes Megs and I sported for the reception.
We should have packed rain boots...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Practice Round in Pictures

My sister Kathryn got married on Saturday.
We had the rehearsal dinner on Friday at Foxhall Sporting Club.
It was a fantastic time had by all and I will show you via pictures.
The evening started with a super short rehearsal and a great dinner.
We played corn hole, bocce ball, and walked around barefoot.
The kids got backpacks, chalk, coloring books, and bubbles.
Kitty knows the way to their hearts!
The food was amazing and I'll be visiting food trucks more often!
After dinner and dessert the food truck ended up stuck at Foxhall.
Always an adventure with our events...

This is Sir William Pitts and his new BFF Hayes.
They threw the bean bags way high in the sky and Hayes loves him.
These are my amazing and beautiful sisters.
I couldn't love them more.

This is the gorgeous couple enjoying the evening.
Cutest little girl I know...
He was sharing his cookie.
Write it down, doesn't happen often...

My sister, the bride.
Her wedding weekend was the best one I've ever been a part of.
Can we have a do over?
The bubbles in action.
We shall call it the blur.
The best babysitter/extra sibling ever.
Seriously, my entire family was so thankful for her help this weekend.
Couldn't have done it without her!
Probably a more accurate representation of the relationship...
And my amazing momma.
I appreciate her so much.
Her love is endless and her work is never done.

And the man of my dreams.
He's got tattoos and he watches weird movies.
He told my cousins this weekend that he wasn't the "Ken" I had dreamed of...
but he's perfect for me. 
I'd marry him again any day of the week.

and just for the record....
I love his gray hair and my lipstick.