Tuesday, November 15, 2011

That Chick fil A song....

I think it is only fair to say that he gets that obsession honestly. I mean, who DOESN'T love Chick fil A?
And more importantly, who doesn't love sweet tea?
I wonder if we could get a deal as a new advertisement? He loves some sweet tea and some chick fil a sauce.


The life of a laundry basket dweller....
Action shots...
So exciting....that...
BUT MOM..... I don't wanna get out of the basket!

Adventures with the awesome bike helmet

I think he has an emotional attachment to the thing...
He literally refuses to take it off once he finds it and puts it on his head!
Did I mention that it is sized to fit a 3-5 year old?
And he turns 2 in January!?

Pretty Baby Girl

She is so sweet when she sleeps.
Her fingers are always up by her face, just like big brother.
If she could fit that fist in her mouth, she would be so happy. So very happy.
Love this baby girl. Love, love, love her.

Playing with the Blocks. Again.

He's a fantastic little builder.
He enjoys the blocks.
Those little suckers are difficult to clean up and AWFULLY painful to step on!