Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Dinner

Grandma Cochran gave us quite a scare on Christmas Eve. We are thankful for the Douglas County EMT crew that came to visit with us that afternoon. Anette had dangerously low blood sugar on the 24th and spent most of Christmas Day in the hospital recovering from such. After she visited Wellstar Douglas for about 24 hours she came home and we got to have Christmas at her house. Huge thanks for Taco Mac being open to provide us with a yummy dinner! We had a fun time opening gifts and laughing. After dinner and gifts we got baths and came home.

Christmas with Jew and Kitty and Leigh Leigh

Christmas Morning

Big surprise as Hayes ran to the living room! Usually we are instructed to place Toodles on the TV immediately. Today he was content to play with his train and other toys! Train whistle! Mom and Dad are pretty good at this, but Hayes just puts it up to his mouth and makes a noise that sounds sorta like the train whistle. It is really funny!
Yes. He got a lint roller. I'm tired of fighting my toddler to remove the fuzz or hair from my shirt. Now he has one and I have one.
He marveled at that train track. He loved every minute and sat watching it for hours. As soon as we TRIED to turn it off he had a come apart. Needless to say we had that thing running for a few days!
That smile. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Car Seat Sleep

Juice box and pig. Necessary for nap time.
I love this baby. Notice that she's kicked her socks off. She hates those things.... don't know where she would get that from.
Car seat sleep is the best sleep.
And I love this baby too.

Soooo..... went to see Santa

I'm not sure that this round of Santa is what you would call successful.... but it sure was funny. We had GREAT plans to go to the mall and see Santa today. We also planned on going to ride The Pink Pig! We were all pretty excited and ready for the adventure. This is who our day went.... Several exciting things happened... We got the mall and quickly realized we should have come about 3 hours earlier than we did. We stood in line for a minute or two.... more like 60, but it wasn't terrible. And both kids were GREAT standing in line. Just as we were getting close to Santa (think 10 minutes left to wait) I smelled something. It wasn't starbucks or cookies being baked. And you know what's coming next.... Elizabeth apparently decided today was a GOOD day to poop. All over her back, clothes, car seat. Extra clothes.... in the car. Santa... 10 feet away. MADNESS! Changed the diaper and the pants. Elizabeth saw Santa in her diaper, socks, shirt, and FABULOUS hairbow. Hayes screamed the entire time. Awesome. It was certainly fun.
About 20 minutes AFTER the poop ordeal, I kept asking Daryk if he could still smell it, because I could. He says, "Well.... its on your shirt." WHAT!?????? My husband let me walk around the mall for 20 minutes with POOP ON MY SHIRT! So I went to get a new shirt. Thankfully, Anette had already gotten Elizabeth a new outfit. Clean shirt for me! The lady at the Gap was chuckling at me as I explained why I needed it.
We ate lunch and then went to stand in line for the Pink Pig. Best explained as a weird Atlanta Christmas tradition. Needless to say, Hayes has two big loves. Pigs and trains. Well, this is a PIG TRAIN. Hayes=heaven. Today was EXHAUSTING and one of the best days we've had in a long time. My kids are so much fun and I'm so thankful that we are making fun Christmas memories. Creating new traditions is so much fun!

Santa. Round 1.

Fail. We went to Lenox to see Santa and ride the Pig. We left late, hit traffic, drove in the rain in the dark, got lost, ate dinner, and missed them both. We had fun and got to take pictures in Santa's chair though!
Uncle Sean, Daddy, Poppi, Elizabeth, Uncle Jeff, Hayes, Aunt Bethany, and Mommy.

Arts and Crafts with BeBe

We should have invited Aunt Kelli to come with us. We needed the creative brain and we needed about 6 extra pairs of hands.
We made some super special Christmas presents for our awesome grandparents! I can't wait to give them away!

Sporting Around the Town

Daddy and Hayes went to see the ALX Cougars run at their state cross country meet. Elizabeth and Mommy went with Hope to watch the ALX Cheerleaders compete in their region competition. We seriously both had a BLAST!
All smiles on both sides of the bleachers!