Saturday, November 30, 2013

Newest addition, Buddy.

Mid November this good looking guy proposed to my baby sister at the airport.
I actually kept it a secret!  
We are so thrilled that he wants to join our family.
I cannot wait for their wedding next spring.  
Clearly, my children share the same love for Buddy as the rest of us.
I hope Buddy doesn't anticipate any personal space while he's visiting.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Senior week

This is Sean and Daryk....
Or at least their look alikes during senior week at AHS.
I have never laughed so hard at a group of kids who had a blast.
They loved dressing up like our staff and did a great job!

You can hardly tell that they aren't male coaches...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Its just a fireplace...

Its just a fireplace.
That's what I say to myself while I'm sitting in front of it....
But as I sit perched here letting my hair dry, I think of every fireplace.
I love my faux fireplace and fire here.

I remember back to making a fire by myself in my very own grow up house.
I remember teaching my husband how to use egg cartons, newspaper, and dryer lint for starters.
I reflect back to Girl Scouts and how my mom taught me all those things.
I remember begging Daryk to go out into the rain and snow and get more wood.
I loved the fire.
I hated the gathering and transporting of the wood.

I think back to sitting in front of a fireplace with my grandparents.
They would sit in their recliners and we would all watch Wheel of Fortune.
If we went to fetch the hair dryer, Grandma would dry our hair for us.
If not, we roasted our backs and let the fireplace dry our hair.
I remember marveling at Grandma Ouida and her vast vocabulary.
She never missed a phrase and she would have won Jeopardy too.
Any day of the week...

I remember way far back to a tiny house in Powder Springs.
I remember sitting in front of a fireplace there too.
I recall sitting in itchy, scratchy, pajamas there.
I know I shared that hearth with Kathryn.
I know we had matching pajamas.
I feel bad for a minute because I know I'm the reason she crashed face first into the hearth...
Sorry Sissy!
I know that we sat there during the coldest nights while our hair dried.
That probably took hours, because it takes forever now.
We have always had ridiculously thick hair!

Hayes asked me tonight about our fireplace.
He asked me if it was real.
Yes, it is.
It is a real fireplace.
It makes heat and flames.
It keeps our toes toasty and it could help dry our hair.
As the seasons drag us deeper into the winter I know our fireplace will become more real to us.
I am hoping that Hayes and Libby will remember the fireplace as I do.
A place of comfort with lovely memories.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fuzzy pictures

I enjoy football season once it gets cold enough to be football season.
I have enjoyed coaching cheerleading for the past 7 years.
I will miss the relationships I am able to build with the girls during that time.
I will not miss the time away from my family.
I will not miss the scramble of finding childcare.
But I will miss being able to spend those Friday nights with Daryk and his boys.
I love that man.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Super Hayes

He goes from a regular boy who watches tv with his mouth open...

The goggles, mask, cape look.
He is my SuperHero...
Pink cape... blue goggles...
He also demanded that I take his picture.
He is something else....

Monday, November 18, 2013

Baby bit my nose!!!

Tonight while I had a successful mom/wife night, I heard a familiar screech from upstairs.
I managed to make dinner for tonight AND tomorrow night.
Record breaking success here!

Hayes yelled down, 'Baby bit me!'
I know he is usually telling me the truth, so off I went to investigate.
I discovered that, Baby did, indeed bite his nose.
Thankfully this time she did not leave teeth marks.
Or break his skin.
Off to the bath she goes....
She didn't get a nap today, so bedtime at 6:57 p.m. is nothing short of necessary.
And yes, she will sleep until tomorrow morning.
She will likely sleep later than I would like her to on a school day.
That is also part of our normal routine...
Sleeping late on school days and rising early on those days when I just want to wake when the sun rises.

But, the reason I wanted to blog tonight was to write Hayes a note.
I was thinking about all the little things that I love about him...
and I'm afraid that one day in my Mom Brain I'll forget.

And I never want to forget.


You wake much earlier than I even dreamed to be awake most days.  I wish I could bounce out of bed the way you do, with more excitement and curiosity than most.  You greet each day with an eager attitude and a heart to seek fun each hour.  You bounce (literally) from your bed to the potty on your toes.  Your calf muscles are something to be envied by all people!  I think part of that is genetics (thank your mommy, daddy, and PawPaw for that) but part of it is also the fact that you have used your toes as your mode of transport since you discovered that you could walk and run instead of crawling.  You didn't toddle for long, you ran.  I often tell people you have two speeds, asleep and wide ass open.  Forgive me, there is not a better way to say it.  You bounce from your potty break to the designated location.  Sometimes I let you play downstairs while I snooze/watch tv upstairs until your sister wakes.  You have always liked to play by yourself and I'm grateful for that.  I am very thankful that God blessed me with a child who can entertain himself, most of the time.  You greet me each day with the same phrase, 'Mommy, I'm hungry/thirsty.  Can I have milk and a brown poptart?'  As long as I provide both of those and a tv or some toys you will happily let me enjoy some more quiet until at least 8 am.  Praise Jesus.  This past summer you learned to dress yourself, but you still have a hard time putting things on the right way.  Occasionally you will complain that your underwear isn't right, it is usually backwards.  You also hate to sleep in underwear, naptime or bedtime.  Most people don't get that, but I do.  You also love to go 'mando' as you say.  I have a battle each day to keep socks and shoes on you, but not like your sister.  You just don't want to put your socks/shoes on until we are 'about to weave the house right now.'

You will happily eat poptarts all day every day if we allowed it.  You enjoy anything that is processed food and I'm sad that I created such a picky child.  Oops.  One day... You are a bit like Rain Man/Sheldon Cooper when it comes to routine.  If something is different with your day or different than you anticipate it to be, you get upset.  Today BeBe had to take you to school because PaPa was sick and we thought you might have a bit of a hissy fit, turns out you were fine.  You like to eat food bars (granola bars dipped in chocolate) and gummies.  You drink almond milk and you love it.  You also like watered down apple juice.  And lemonade from chick fil a.

When you hope to avoid any activity that you know is necessary you say, 'I not feeling too good.'  I silently laugh at you.  You have just learned to sniffle and you do it a lot.  If your Aunt LeLe was near by she might cause you physical harm.  She doesn't like sniffles, just ask Buddy.  Speaking of, you love your aunts and uncles.  You enjoy being able to see them often via FaceTime and I'm very glad Apple has the technology for us to do so.  You like to 'see' them when you talk to them and you tend to think that any conversation without an iPhone is useless.  You say your prayers each night and thank God for every single person you love.  I'm glad to say that they all make the cut.  You also thank God for Walker at school and for your favorite color red.

Hayes, you are so sweet to your sister about 95% of the time.  The other 5% you are trying to wrestle her to her death or roll her over with your head.  For some reason, this is fun for you... not so much the rest of us.  This is usually why she bites you... back to the beginning...  You and Libby love to watch Charlie Brown, any holiday movie will do and that makes me a little bit crazy.   I'm over watching 'spooky Charlie Brown' and I'd like to watch the Thanksgiving or Christmas episodes, but I've learned it is not all about me.  You and Libby also love to watch Disney movies.  I am beyond thrilled that you love to sing along with every song you have learned.  It makes me happy to think that you love music as much as I do.  You know words to songs that I don't even know!  You are meticulous and play for hours with puzzles, blocks, and your mens.  Yes, mens.  You will also sit in front of the tv with your mouth hanging open just like your Daddy.  You don't like to take naps in your 'real clothes', you prefer your pajamas.  Can't blame you there.

You think that anything edible is better with yellow sauce (chick fil a sauce) and you would dip any food in that if I would let you.  You don't like to be bothered with a nap or the potty or a meal because you are too busy playing.  If I could feed you while you played you would be thrilled.  Your manners are getting better and you have turned into a snuggly little boy here lately.  I spent 2-3 years wondering why you didn't like to snuggle, but now you are quite a lovebird.  You like to share your affections and snuggle with me.  It makes my heart so happy.

Hayesface, I love you so.  You are growing up too fast and I'm not happy that you will be 4 in about a month-ish.  You are going to be a great help with Spencer Brynne in April.  I apologize that this is random, but I had a lot to share.  PK would say this is a 'thought thread'... mostly I think its scattered MomBrain.

Love you lots,

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

18 weeks baby #3

There she is.
My sweet baby girl, Spencer Brynne Cochran.
We are 18 weeks along and we aren't having a rough time.
I love being pregnant.
I get that most people hate it, but it suits me and I love it.

I've only gained 10 lbs at this point, and I'm thrilled with that.
I am wearing maternity clothes and have been since about 12 weeks along.
Thankfully, I have a pretty extensive collection that spans a few seasons...
I have been feeling movement since week 15-16.
Just a few flutters initially, but now she's bigger and moving a lot.
I have distinct cravings for hot wings and celery, which isn't a normal food choice for me.
I don't dislike them, I just don't eat them often.
I eat normal amounts of food and try to avoid sweets and junk.
I wish I had more energy to be more active, but keeping up with double trouble at home is enough!
Between laundry, cooking, and cleaning AFTER that pesky full time job...
Energy for myself and exercise isn't there.
The kiddos and I are about to start gymnastics again since I'm done with cheerleading, finally!

Monday, November 11, 2013


Somehow these have worked their way into our dress up rotations.
I'm not really sure where they came from, but they are hilarious.
Last week they were wearing them all over the house with every outfit they could imagine.
I love that they have such a vivid imagination and they use these for play.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fashion Tips with LibbyJ

Is it really necessary to change out of the pajamas?
You like that 80s headband?
Mind you, we have already covered her love of pink and red....
Now, we cover accessories.
Sparkly glitter headbands.
They are the latest fashion trend.
Yes, she's riding in the front seat.
We drove the babysitter home.
She lives 1/4 of a mile away.
Sue me.
I enjoyed the ride and my sidekick.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Uncle Joe

We have socks on our hands.
That is our neighbor/uncle, Joe.
Yes, the children had a blast.
And no, Libby doesn't have pants.
Your point?!
I think he's their new favorite person.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Helping Daddy

The garbage can experience is a family affair.
And yes, Libby picks her own clothing and I don't argue with her.
Do I really care if she is wearing pink & red?
Probably not.

Waving at the neighbors as they drive by.
Usually the Blackstones see us in the family affair of trash collecting...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Disney on Ice

Mid October we were able to go see Disney on Ice.
It wasn't Disney World, but it was as close as we were going to get this time of year!
October is wrestling season countdown, and this was our last huge family thing before season.
Have I mentioned I have a love/hate relationship with wrestling season?
But, I digress....
Disney on Ice.
It was marvelous.
The characters were all over the place.
They spent the show running through a list of holidays and celebrations through the year.
Halloween, birthdays, Christmas, un-birthdays, and the whole she-bang.
Hayes wasn't thrilled with the whole Halloween part.
The Villains were out in full force, and I do believe they scared him a bit.
That alone confirms that he is my child.
If he was watching Harry and the Hendersons or E.T. it would be from behind the chair in our living room.
Hayes was begging for some cotton candy.
We got some to share.
I would have gotten two, except they were $10 a POP!
I wondered if Jesus came with that cotton candy... goodness!
The best part of the vendors was listening to their sales pitch as they ran around the arena.
One of them promised a 'free wet nap with each purchase'.
I die.
True to form, wet nap at the bottom of each bag! 
Hayes wasn't impressed with the cotton candy.
Elizabeth just made a sticky mess with it.
I ate the rest.
Isn't that what moms do?
My girl loves the princesses.
She knows them all by name.
It was pure joy to watch her watch the show.
I cried watching them watch.
I love their sweet faces!
We got to watch Mickey and Minnie celebrate their love story too!
Wonder what their anniversary is like?!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Disney Withdrawl

I think it is officially time that I admit that I'm possibly obsessed with Disney World.
I am so ready to travel back to Orlando and spend a week soaking up all things Disney.
I am ready to watch my children grin and giggle when the see all the Disney.
I remember so well going there when I was a child.
I think it will become a regular rotation on our vacation schedule.
Tonight I was talking to Daryk about it...
We are planning a trip September 2014.
I want to take my mother in law and have her experience that with us.
I want to go now, but I'd rather pay for baby expenses and save for Disney later.

So, planning begins.
September 2014 or whenever they offer free dining close to that...
Mickey hats and magical characters are coming for the Cochran family.
After that, I'll begin hunting for the best way to make it affordable and purchase yearly passes.
Ramen noodles anyone?

I'm ready to see these kids with Mickey & Minnie!
We will start training Spencer Brynne as soon as she arrives for her Disney journey.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Love Face, except the opposite.

Ya'll think he loves her?
I do not think this is his love face...
I think this is his 'my fingers are being mashed' or 'she messed up my picture' face.
He is such a trooper for dealing with her every day.

Diva, anyone?
She's two.  TWO.
How does one even accumulate that much diva in that tiny body!?