Sunday, May 16, 2010

Peas and Carrots

I feel like I'm quoting Forrest Gump... I sent my husband to the doctor with Hayes for his 4 month well visit. I gave him a list of questions to ask our pediatrician and sent him on his merry way. Instead of asking the questions to the dr he just handed her the list and let her write the answers for me. How sweet.

Hayes has begun the journey through the food groups. He spent some time loving on the bananas and we moved to vegetables after that. So far so good! Nothing he has refused to eat yet! Peas and carrots and rice have been on the menu this past week. We have all enjoyed being colorful and entertained during dinner for the last few weeks. I choose to feed him in his diaper--less drama with his clothing.

Mother's Day

Spending time with the mom in law in Savannah at the hospital wasn't the optimal way to spend my first mother's day... but I was even more thankful that she was there to spend time with! We drove down there for the weekend and had a GREAT visit to River Street and I got to eat pralines! I love pralines. Visited with Anette and Sabrina's dog--Roxie while we were there. On our way home we stopped by to see Bebe and say hey to the yellow dog. Hayes was quite pleased with himself and spending time with Bebe. He squeezed into the 6 month outfits for the last time that night. How is it that my baby boy who is 4 months old is wearing 6-9 month clothing!? This mom thing is flying by!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Four WHOLE months

Baby Hayes has been here since January 3rd! He's 4 months old today. This last month has been a blast. Watching him laugh and grin is one of my favorite things to do each day! I miss him when I'm not with him and I'm constantly wondering what he's doing. I know that whoever is keeping him is having as much fun as I do. He spent Friday with Aunt Patsy. Everyone always says he's so sweet. I know!!!!!!
He's so blessed to have wonderful aunts and uncles who come to see him all the time. Aunt Kelli and Leigh Anne both stopped by this past weekend to say hey and spend time with him. Sean also came by Saturday to see him. Saturday he met Greg and Penny--Greg lovingly called him the Tank. Yesterday he spent the afternoon with Bebe and Papa Jack who calls him fireplug. Poor kid--Tank and Fireplug--what a strange bunch of nicknames! Daryk and I are planning to go see Anette this weekend in Savannah and I can't wait for her to see how much he's grown.
He goes to the doctor tomorrow... any guess on that weight gain? Here are some of the latest pictures of our sweet boy. We are so blessed.