Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mighty Duck

Hayes is in love with bath time. Occasionally if I try to put him to bed without one because it is too late or I'm feeling a little lazy, he reminds me with a squeal, that bath time is necessary. BeBe and Leigh Anne came to visit on Tuesday and he spent some time charming them while washing behind his ears. Leigh Anne captured some amazing pictures of my handsome boy.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Beach

Beach 2010

Hayes had a blast at the beach. So did everyone else! I think everyone enjoyed watching him play in the sand and play in the sun. He had a great time exploring the sand and splashing in the water. Going to the beach with a little person is exhausting for the grown ups--but we had fun too. I can't wait until he's old enough to chase around and run after the birds. I know I'll probably live to regret that statement, but I'm excited!

Hayes at Logan Martin

Hayes loves the water. Loves the lake and the sun and the attention he gets while playing at the lake! He loves riding on the boat and spending time with the family. Thankfully we didn't get pulled over this time while cruising on the lake. Hayes entertained everyone with his jumping in his jumper in between lake time. He's such a joy to have around.


We spent a week at the lake in June. Dad brought this awesome water slide for us to play on! Everyone went down including Granddaddy! Lucas enjoyed it and was a professional at climbing up the slide backwards. We all had a blast! Minus some velcro burn and some old people injuries it was a marvelous week. The weather was beautiful and Daryk and I even got to have a date! Dinner and shopping have never been so exciting.