Friday, July 29, 2011

Things we eat...

Toast with jam.
Picnic lunch at Grandma's.

Hayes the Toolman Cochran

Perhaps we should invest in some tools for Christmas? This boy loves to 'help' put things together. Anytime he sees that tool box coming out of the garage he's ready to go and assemble, or break, as quickly as he can!

Visit with Kitty

We visited with Kitty after she returned from her Euro trip! She was putting on a show and Hayes loved every minute of it! We also played outside in the water hose and the pool. Uncle Zack made us burgers and we enjoyed our time with the family!


Do I have a budding artist on my hands!? Hayes LOVES to draw and color. Thank you Crayola for washable markers and crayons. We haven't had too many accidents, but I feel like they are just around the corner! Hayes loves his table and he loves to draw while he's in the living room. He sometimes misses and gets the floor, but he's pretty good with that paper! He does occasionally decide to experiment with body art. I blame that on Daryk.

The Summer Wedding Event

Basically we spent 4 days with a fantastic family and had a great time. It was super hot and super miserable for most of us, but we made it work! Cheese biscuits, cousins, a baby shower, a wedding, and a visit from Papaw Bob! Hayes was fascinated with Olivia and had a great time following the 'big kids' around while they played. Aunt Paige was so kind and pushed Hayes on the big scooter when Alex was playing elsewhere. Hayes was able to convince several people to help him blow bubbles! He also fueled his love of sidewalk chalk! A big thank you to Best Friend Jordan for being a baby-sitter, best friend, life saver that weekend. I was able to visit and enjoy myself without chasing my boy all over and being exhausted. A few of the pictures are below! Uncle Jeff and Ellie made the weekend complete!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

4th on the lake

We spent the 4th of July with MawMaw and PawPaw on the lake! Logan Martin was a busy lake, but not too busy for Hayes to swing and play for a few days. We spent time playing in the swing, the little pool, and on the boat. It didn't take long for Hayes to realize that his favorite part of the boat was PawPaw's lap! He spent a lot of time 'helping' him drive the boat and honk the horn. We also went for a ride on Grand-daddy Glenn's boat! The capacity is 6 people and we had 5 adults (one carrying a baby) and Hayes! We had a very smooth ride and really enjoyed ourselves. Hayes fell asleep in PawPaw's lap and just about the time we were getting back to the house we all got a good scare. The weight wasn't in the right place in the boat and when we slowed down to approach the dock the front of the boat went into the water. Needless to say we all about had a heart attack AND we scared sleeping Hayes half to death too. The boat was really clean after it went for a dip in the lake. We had to turn around and go back to get a flip flop or two, but no major damage! It was surely a blast and a GREAT time was had by everyone! Hayes slept right through most of the fireworks that night, but the rest of us really liked watching the smiley faces and sparklers!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Belly Pictures 34 weeks

Just for Evan. Ignore these facts....
a) I have on no makeup.
b) My hair=disaster.
c) Not my uniform 'pregnant picture' clothing.

We were at the lake and had an impromptu photo shoot! I think my belly is just about ready for this baby to come. I know I am!

Beach 2011

We went to the beach early every morning to see how Hayes would react to the waves. He didn't care much for the waves or the pool under the tent. He loved the sand. He loved to roll in it and sit in it and play in it for hours. We spent at least 2 hours in the sand every day. I posted the slide show from our beach trip. We had a blast! Hayes loves the pool, and he loves to eat cheese balls. We spent most of the trip chasing him around the pool. I even got to read a BOOK! The whole book from beginning to end! I don't even know where to start talking about those goggles at the pool, but he loved those things! I can't wait to take him back to the ocean again. I'm hoping we can go to Charleston before it gets too cold.

Elizabeth's Room

We've been working diligently to get that room ready. I remember it being a little easier to get Hayes' room ready.... perhaps because we didn't have a toddler running around! Hayes insisted on helping to assemble his sister's crib. He helped put screws and bolts in the wrong places and kept me entertained while I sat in the floor and put the bed together. Two cribs in two years and I'm a professional! He had a blast and so did I!

Just playing around the house... like usual

Playing with the toilet paper, the toilet bowl cleaner, and anything else Hayes can find that might be entertaining. Hayes likes to play in the clean laundry while I'm trying to fold it. He also enjoys snacking on cheerios while reading a good book in the glider in his baby sister's room.

Bath time fun.... again

Bath time fun never stops with this kid. He will play in the tub until his body is all wrinkled up and the water is cold.