Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Noodles for dinner?

So, I have one child who doesn't like to eat anything.
He literally doesn't choose to eat much at all.
We have limited solutions for dining out options and meals at home.
Granted, I'm aware that I created that beast because I was afraid he would choke to death.
Kid had no teeth until he was almost 14-15 months old!
So, I created a picky eater who's afraid of textures.
And I know he's my child because I'm also a texture phobic eater....
if such a thing exists...

This girl, well, she's not.
She eats anything and everything we give her.
Occasionally she tells us that she doesn't like it.
But mostly we get this response. 

Recently on facebook, instagram, or twitter I saw the hashtag #rehearsaldinnerpics.
I died laughing and almost snorted.
I'm putting those in that file for this girl.
I love her.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Labor Day & no work...

Libby is very sassy.
We got up early on a Saturday and went for a walk.
After that we played on the playground by the house.
It was a grand weekend kick off, all before 9 a.m.
Y'all see those dimples?
Dimples for DAYS with this kid.
I love him and his dimples.

These two....
Buddy was SO proud that he braided her hair.
I was just thrilled that I got to SEE Buddy while he was home.
I live under no assumptions that he even cares to see me...
he only wants to see my children.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1st Day 2013

Lively Ladybugs 2013
Elizabeth James Cochran
She's such a precious girl!
Her smile and sweet spirit is so contagious!
Also, she's a professional flirt.
She's giving Papa the flirty eyes and trying to be so sneaky...
Fabulous Frogs 2013
Thomas Hayes Cochran
He was too cool to pose for photos.
Or even look at the camera phone.
Or cooperate at all.
So we got this...
No photos Mom.
I'm busy, notice the blur of the toys in the photos...
School is such a blessing for us.
We are able to send our littles to the ELC at FBC Douglasville.
I love the ladies there who take care of us and THEM!
The life lessons they learn from their teachers and their peers are amazing.
I am also very excited that they learn about how God impacts their lives daily.
They learn so much about what God made and how He made the world!
I am just thankful for the people who help us get the babies to school
and those who help care for them while we teach.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Lively Ladybugs

This year Elizabeth is in the Lively Ladybugs class.
A perfect description for her, lively...
though sometimes I use other adjectives, lively works rather well for sweet girl.
She's quite the personality.
Unfortunately, her Daddy didn't get the 'take pictures' memo while she was visiting in class.
So we have in the car to class pictures.
I'm not sure what she's holding her in hand, but I'd be willing to bet she ate it.
She loves good food.
All of it.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fabulous Frogs

Hayes is going on his 3rd year at the ELC.
This year we are in the Fabulous Frogs class!
We are so thrilled and cannot wait to see how he learns this year.
I've heard that these teachers are THE BEST!
I'm already impressed with how they teach the kids to be accountable
and how the encourage independence!
I am SO thankful that because we strive for that at our house!
Daddy took Hayes to school to meet his teachers and see his classroom.
Sadly, I had to teach!

Very excited about blocks and the new centers to play in!

And this is his FAVORITE avenue, trains, trucks, planes, and such...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Triplets

I managed to con Hayes into going to a party for our favorite set of multiples.
The triplets are very dear to me because I love their mommy
We took gymnastics with Char last year, or maybe two years ago...
**gasp** TWO YEARS AGO!?
Well, he went and he hated it.
I should have known better than to try and drag my anti social child to a party with lots of people.
That's what I get for thinking he would like it.
He did, however, like this cupcake.
And he ate the green icing only.
And then he wiped allllllll the icing on his shirt.
And it was a nice shirt, I might add.
Eventually I was able to pry him away from the table with some dinosaur party favors.
At least, I hope they were party favors because he brought them home.
If not, we stole the toys.
Sorry Evan!

Hitler 'stache courtesy of the cupcakes...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

New face of Maybeline?

Guess who got into Grandma's lipstick?
And its not just any kind of lipstick...
Its the color stay kind.
When they say COLOR STAY, they mean... 
After a bath and lots of scrubbing.
After a whole day of eating and several hours of sweating....

She still looked like this!
Thankfully BeBe had some lip stain remover and that helped!
I was glad to get that mess off her face.
I was afraid that we would have a skin reaction to the lip stain...
I was right.
Here is the final product with the allergic reaction!
Clean, thankfully!
And still smiling!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

She's a punk.

No, but seriously.
She's such a little diva.
I am not really sure where she gets that from...
We have no diva-esque qualities in my genetic pool.
Must get that from her Daddy.
And then she's like this?!
Smiles and sweet.
She's flirty and a total sweetheart.
Just all grins and giggles.
And then she ignores me.