Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Any doubts...

She is my mini me.  She is sassy and stubborn and creative.  She holds her tongue just so when she does those creative things.  She hides behind the couch and eats her chocolate.  I never know until I find the wrappers when I'm cleaning.  She rarely stays in her bed until she's supposed to get up.  She is opinionated and bossy and I don't think any of the adjectives I use to describe her are negative.  She is awesome.  She picks her own clothing, shoes, and accessories.  She rarely chooses clothing that actually matches her accessories or shoes.  She has a really big personality inside that tiny body.  
She loves big.  
She reminds me every single day that she loves me best.  
I'll never be able to understand that or explain it to someone else.  

Monday, January 12, 2015

My Mary Kay People

I love these women.  They are my leaders.  They shower me with love.  They shower me with compliments and confidence.  When I don't feel like moving up and keeping on, they pull me up and encourage me to run.  It is hard to find friends.  I think any mom who works full time would say that.  Maintaining relationships with other women who have active lives is a challenge.  These women are my friends.  They are my family.  They make me laugh and they share some of my lowest points.  They provide endless love and show me Christ's love by doing so.  I have never, ever found such a fabulous thing with women that I love so much!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Five. A whole hand.

I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.  Which I find really odd, because I can barely remember yesterday, at all.  I have such a terrible memory, but I guess God gives us the power to remember days that change our lives.  January 3, 2010 was a game changer for me.  I'm not sure I was ready to be a momma, but I was sure ready not to be pregnant anymore.  I got a cuddly little guy with a big heart.  He was stubborn and did things in his own time.  His early arrival should have been an indication to me about his zeal for all things.  Literally, all the things.  He is most excited about, well... everything.  He doesn't have a bad attitude about much of anything.  He wakes up and frequently bounces off that bottom bunk bed.  He sprints to the toilet and back to his room to grab his handful of toys.  He approaches all things with a big grin and a happy face.  He loves his sisters and doesn't seem to mind that they annoy him or take his things.  He is love.
He gave me a real smile.
And when I showed up for his special day at school he gave me about 900 hugs and told me all about his classroom.  I was thrilled to go visit him in his puppy classroom, even if I did get in trouble for it.  This kid was worth it.  
His puppy friends were so excited to share their stories with me!  I loved watching him blow out his candle!  He was excited about that too, and he blew wax all over his table!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Selfies for days...

Apparently I wear this shirt a lot when taking selfies.  

And then there is THIS KID.

And these guys.

Man, being a momma is a lot of fun.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The baby sisters

As far as I'm concerned these two are my babies.
One of them was my first baby.  I was seven when she was born and I loved taking care of her.
With the exception of nursing her, I'm pretty sure I did everything else to take care of her.  Granted, my parents were rockstars and took great care of her, I helped.  She was my best friend during childhood and I know that our relationship as adults reflects how much I loved her as a child.  And boy, do I love her.  When people ask me if I have friends I typically reply with, 'No, I have sisters.'  They are my best friends.  They are the people I complain the most TO and the most ABOUT.  I wouldn't trade them for anything else in the whole world.  After my husband and my actual little people, they are my favorite humans.  

So here are some shots of my favorite babies.
My baby sister.
And my baby girl.

Miss you Leigh Leigh.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I know Iron Man. The real guy.

We celebrated this guy's 5th birthday.
When did that happen?
I don't even remember why he's so big.
How did that happen!?
He can dress himself.
He now says things like, "I'm five years old, so I can do that."
He helps me with anything I ask him to.
He likes to pick out his own clothing and shoes.
He has recently developed a love for bananas.
He's my favorite five year old.
I am so thankful for him.

Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Goals, just for Evan...

I feel like I should preface this by saying that I've never in my life been much of a goal setter or achiever.  I mean, if you don't SET goals you will likely not achieve them.  Duh.  I was inspired by a dear friend of mine to set goals and achieve the a few years back.  I have also been disciplined with my Mary Kay training to set goals and dreams for myself.  Goals are dreams with a deadline... and dreams, are just that, dreams.

Goals for 2015.

  1. Lose the last bit of baby weight and keep it off this year, possibly forever.
    My body has been in a constant up and down lbs. battle since mid 2009.  Pregnancy, baby, pregnancy, baby, weight loss, baby, better weight.... to be continued.
  2. Declutter the house, one room at a time.
    Now that we have reached the 'last baby' stage I feel like we will be able to gradually remove things that are no longer being saved for 'later.'  I will also be able to remove my 5-6 size range wardrobe and focus on a smaller selection of clothing.  Advocare and exercise will help.   
  3. Finish decorating the living room, buy new couches/chairs, and paint that room.
    Finally.  We have lived there for almost 3 years.... long enough to have painted the rooms.
  4. Become a Mary Kay sales director by April.
    This will require multiple steps, but it is a goal... with a deadline.  And that deadline opens up so many other doors that I can barely stand it.
  5. Organize my home office and my 'room' at the house.
    The craft room/office/crap room needs a face lift.
  7. I want to unplug myself once a month for a whole weekend and just be Carrie the mom, the wife, the cook, the cleaner, the house keeper.... and not respond to calls or texts or emails or any social networks.
    I feel like doing that in spurts makes me rely on that a lot less to entertain myself.  I look forward to it.
  8. Disney fund growth.
    Deposit a consistent amount monthly into the account for our 2016 trip.  :)  I'm hoping for a February or Spring Break trip!
  9. Establish a fitness routine that I can maintain with my mommy lifestyle.
    I am 100% certain this will mean me buying a treadmill or something before it happens because I'm not going to the gym.  I am also 100% sure this means I will be exercising in the early morning hours because that is the best time for me.
  10. Actually complete tasks I start.