Monday, December 6, 2010

Yogurt and Pajamas

Favorite food: yogurt.
Favorite sleep position: face down in the corner of the crib.

Peekaboo Shower

To say that Hayes enjoys spending time with his Daddy is a gross understatement. He would rather hang out with him than anybody else. I'd like to pretend he likes me best... but every night when his Daddy comes home he proves otherwise! One night a few weeks ago he climbed into the shower while Daryk was in there. Hayes was fully dressed... so we just decided he could get a bath then too. Hayes thought that playing peekaboo over the shower curtain was hilarious! I had to run and get the camera before we stopped playing the game!

Hayes the Explorer

The kitchen has become his favorite place to explore. I finally had to break down and put some cabinet locks on the lower cabinets. I still haven't figured out how to latch the hoosier cabinet, so I changed the storage for that location. I moved all the plastics down there for Hayes to play with. The appliances got moved up top! Hayes thinks the swiffer duster and the plastic storage containers are just for him!

The Hayes Face

I'm not sure where he learned this jaw out pouty face thing... but it is certainly hilarious! WE have so enjoyed laughing and smiling at this pitiful face. He will make this face at strangers, family, our friends, and yes sometimes even us. He often makes us laugh out loud with this face. He isn't always upset or angry with this face--sometimes it is just a statement about his current feeling. He started doing it because he was teething, but now it is a daily thing! The Hayes face!


Hayes loves his lego blocks. I was bound and determined that he would have some of these to play with! He enjoys banging them together to make noise AND occasionally actually puts them together. Mostly he just uses them to make noise when he's crawling or standing up against the wall or doors! He's so much fun to watch and play with.

Cute Red Overalls

Hayes has the cutest red overalls and plaid shirt. I make him wear it when we go to Cougar events because they match our colors... sorta! He's quite a cutie! He makes a huge mess eating on a daily basis, so we just cut our losses and move forward. I have no issues with his face being a mess when we are at home. Out in public is another story!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BEST Halloween EVER!

We dressed up in our lifegroup! Everyone was supposed to dress up... but we were one of the few families that took it to the extreme! We had a great time dressing up and everyone loved our Incredible outfits!

Pie in the Face?

Daryk 'won' the contest at school that said he got pied in the face at the pep rally. We all had a fantastic time laughing about that! He also shared his pie with some of the sponsors who helped him 'earn' it!

Alumni Match

We traveled to Chattanooga TN for the UTC Alumni Match last month. I'm so behind on this blog. Grad school is really putting a damper on my life! Mid October in Tennessee is so beautiful. The leaves were gorgeous and the drive to and from was just breath taking. Watching my husband and all the other old men wrestle those college guys was hilarious. It was a great time had by all!

From October #2 2010

From October #2 2010

From October #2 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pop's Birthday

We celebrated Pop's birthday and got to visit with Aunt Patsy and Uncle Malcolm too. I think everyone enjoyed our entertainment! I told Pop that we all knew it was his birthday... but he wasn't the star of the show! Pop enjoyed our visit and we all enjoyed our cake!

Hayes isn't too sure about Uncle Malcolm. He's making that old man face!

Mom/BeBe helped Pop blow out his candles!

Hayes is fascinated with the large television on his level at Granny's house. He thinks it is FANTASTIC!

October 2010

Hayes has quite an enjoyable bath experience. He spends time rolling around, playing with his bath toys, and entertaining us all. He's so sweet. His spirit and endless supply of energy keep us all on our toes! I have a feeling I'm going to be chasing him a lot more once he realizes those feet are fo running...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Visit with PJ

Aunt Paige and Uncle Jim came to visit from Arizona! I'm pretty sure Hayes had them mesmerized with that big smile and those blue eyes. He's quite the charmer. He wasn't too sure about Jim and his scruff... but eventually he warmed up to that sweet man. Aunt Paige was the focus of his attention. Hayes has really enjoyed learning how to manipulate his walker and scoot around the house. Thanks BeBe for the PIG shirt! It is one of mom's favorites!

Adventure with the Great Grands

We journeyed to Carrollton to have dinner with Papaw and Grandma! Hayes found that Grandma's catch all ottoman/table in the living room was PERFECT height for him to destroy. He climbed up and around and all over it! He also threw everything off of it and into the floor. After he ate, entertained, and destroyed... he played with Riley the wonder dog! Riley loved chasing his leash in circles and Hayes giggled. Hayes also got stuck in the middle of the Riley circle and he laughed the whole time. I do believe they enjoyed each other.