Saturday, August 31, 2013

Debut of Cochran Baby #3

Coming April 2014.
We are thrilled about God's blessings on our family.
I cannot wait to add another little person to our herd of people.
I love littles and I'd keep having them if my husband would let me...

It was supposed to be a secret until mid September.
We were going to tell our families only.
We had the kids shirts made and just let them wear them at Libby's party.
Our babysitter Jordan had the best reaction ever!
I'm certain she screamed for at LEAST 60 seconds straight.
Leigh Anne came around the corner and said, "Is that for real!?"
And Kathryn thought she was crazy...
But it is indeed for real.
The tests don't lie people.
And the doctor confirmed it this week.

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