Thursday, January 31, 2013

I had to quit Target.

I had to quit Target this month. 
I used to go to Target once a week just to browse and gawk.
I love to shop there!
I wanted to try and 'quit' Target for a whole month to see if I could manage.
I survived.
I even managed to save some money for Disney World next month.
Actually, the reason I quit Target this month is because we were living on Teacher Welfare.
Y'all know what that is?
I mean, most people tend to think we live on TW every month, but we don't.
We get paid once a month.
Shock, horror, I know

But we survive.
I guess for some people it would be an adjustment, but I don't know much different.
Sooooooooo, once a month.
You pay the bills and then you have what's left until the end of the month.
The end.
Except in January.

We get paid the Friday we get out of school in December.
Usually the Friday before Christmas is payday every year.
Sometimes it is EARLY in December, but in 2012 it was December 21.
The paycheck on December 21 has to cover alllllllllll of January and the remainder of December.
This year I decided that since we were going to Disney World and living on TW I would tighten up.

So, no Target.
I did go on Tuesday afternoon for batteries for the garage door opener.
I can't live without mine and I knew Target had the correct size I needed.
We also stopped at the snack bar.
I got a hot dog and the kids got gummies.

Quitting Target taught me that I actually like having money to save.
It taught me that I can survive without going to browse or shop once a week.
I learned to fill my time with other things and I found it quite liberating.
I've enjoyed this month of Teacher Welfare and plan to continue my frugal experiment this year!
Right after I blow some dollars at the outlet malls next week....

Ironically, breaking up with my scale has caused all my pants to be too big!?
**insert happy dance and squeal here**
Except, now I need new pants! 

Holy snot balls!
17 more days to Disney World!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So, my sister is getting married in May.
I am super pumped for a family wedding and thrilled for her!
I love weddings and I am honored that she chose me to stand beside her that day.
I am the only bridesmaid who has little people.
And having little people makes your body change.
I am the oldest one of the chicks too.
Thus, I feel frumpy already.
I totally realize this day is ALL about her.
I know that the day of nobody will even notice me.
But those amazing pictures will last forever.
I refuse to be the frumpy girl.
Thus, Operation Bridesmaid Bootcamp began in December.
I've been working really hard on my fitness.
I've concluded recently that my fitness is good.
My eating plan could use some work...
Next phase of OBMBC is an actual eating plan.
I choose not to use the 'd' word.

This is how I feel all the time.
I just don't understand why or HOW the number isn't changing.
I eat less.
I eat better.
I work out like a nut job.
Twice a day most days.
I push myself and the number is the same!
I used to think I needed to weigh myself every day because it kept me honest.
I knew that if I ate terrible on a day or two it would show on the scale.
If I ate well for a day or two, it showed on the scale too!
But add a good day or two and a bad day or two and you get an average....
of just... average.
Actually, I think it is making me crazy!
True story girlfriend.
I have always blamed my size on the big bones.
Thanks Mom & Dad.
But I'm thankful for those bones.
And I am thankful for the giant legs.
But, DANG.
I wish I could shrink them just a bit... a smidge.
Can you feel me?!
So this week began Operation No Scale in addition to boot camp.
I took the scale away last night.
I moved it to the closet. 
I fear for The Scale's life.
She is in danger of being eliminated!
See below...
Oh, and the scale is most certainly a girl.
Girls are mean.
My scale is the devil, thus it is a girl.
The Scale is living in my closet until my 31st birthday.
So, I will not weigh myself for a whole entire month.
Today I found myself tempted at the gym before I ran today.
But I moved away from the scale there.
I also found myself bored to tears while waiting for the shower to warm up.
That was my usual weigh in time.
I had to find something else to do today while I was waiting for that at home.
I am not weighing myself for 30 whole days.
Write that mess down.
I shall measure the rest of my body.
Those dreaded amazon legs.
My arms, chest (or the imaginary part of my body where boobs should be), and waist.
I'd like to pretend I have hips, but let's face it... those are pretend too.
I have a tree body shape.
Straight up/down.
No curves.
Here's to CURVES ladies!
Hoping to acquire some of those!
I'll use my measurements to track progress in a month too.
Until then, no scale.
It was liberating, but I feel like I'm missing my friend.

AND in 3 weeks I'll be celebrating my 4th wedding anniversary at DISNEY WORLD.
19 DAYS people.
19 DAYS!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

That's a wrap people!

Friday night consisted of some feet dancing/walking with Daddy after big brother went to bed early.  
Do any of you parents have suggestions/ideas about fixing the picky eater syndrome?
We have started putting him to bed early if he refuses dinner...
Mind you, we aren't starving him.
But the child cannot survive on food bars alone.

If you'll notice her giant belly AND grin.
I think she loves him.
Daddy was home alllllllllllllll weekend.
He didn't have a wrestling tournament.
We haven't had him home for a weekend since November.
No joke folks.
It was SO nice to have Daddy home for a day or two.

This is my new book.
I bought it from Amazon, my favorite website everrrrrr.
I love Jill Conner Browne.
Go buy all her books right now.
You'll laugh until your belly hurts and then you'll laugh some more.
If you can't appreciate Southern sass, humor, and charm... don't bother reading.
You just won't understand...

We snuggled up today for a little bit after naptime.
They were still for about 5.5 seconds.
But it was a really sweet 5.5 seconds.
Can I get an amen?

And then this happened after bath and before bed.
My heart melted and I got a little weepy.
I love those people right there.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weekend Roundup

Let's all observe.
If you follow me on instagram or facebook you have seen this photo.
But let's just visit it again, for further documentation....
My husband and Hayes are the same.
They were both watching the SAME cartoon about super heroes about 4 feet away from each other.
Same face.
Mouth open.
Glazed look....
Do you think my genetics are even IN that kid somewhere?
Same morning while I'm busily folding laundry....
Hayes brought me his puzzle for show and tell!


Busy day! 
Sweet smiles from my two favorite kids!
This was just before we took my MIL to Aldi for the first time.
She hated it.
I love it.
I'll blog about that more later....

Also, Leigh Anne brought Elizabeth some balloons last weekend.
This is how she chooses to play with them after the helium died.
Balloon wrestling?
I do believe her father would approve!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reading with Mommy

My sisters came to visit last weekend, well actually, for the last two weekends.
Kathryn (Kitty) had already committed to both weekends to babysit while I coached.
Thanks Kitty! 
And Leigh Anne (Leelee) came both weekends to brunch and help out too!
Thanks Leelee!
I have amazing sisters!
At some point in time Saturday morning baby girl decided we needed to read. 
She brought me a book and I began to read.

Hayes climbed up too and began assisting my reading.
AKA:  bossing me around.
I have no idea where he gets that from.
I asked my sister to snap some quick photos with her handy iPhone while we read.
Thanks for documenting my family memories! It is a VERY rare moment that I have a picture of ME with my kids....
Unless I do a shameless self portrait....

I have no idea what we were reading.
I don't care.
I love these photos.
Where is Dave? 
Dave--I'm sporting my ALX shirt! 
Always representing!

The bandaid was a result of a hissy fit where he 'hurt' his head.
I can assure you, no children were actually harmed while Hayes was acting like a lunatic.
And it has Transformers on it.
And he loves them.
Even though I really bought the bandaids for his Daddy...

Vote for Libby James

If you click HERE you can go to the D Crowe Photography page and vote for my little sassy pants to win a contest.

This is the photo you are voting for.
Crazy girl.
If we win we get a free photo session in 2013 with Denise.
Denise and I have been BFF since the 8th grade.
I met her at a Beta Convention in passing with some mutual friends.
They played soccer with her and they were sorta my friends.
I wasn't really cool in the 8th grade, probably not cool now either.
That was the first time I saw Denise...
Then we met again at church.
She was wearing red pants and she was REALLY cool then.
I was certain that she wouldn't be my friend because she was friends with the 'cool' people from my school.
Much to my surprise she became one of my VERY best friends ever that year.
At one point in time we literally spent every single night together over summer break.
She was one of my favorite people through high school as well.
Eventually she married a wonderful man David.
I was honored to be a bridesmaid in their wedding.
To this day we still chat as often as we can....
Between jobs,children, husbands, and home we both stay busy.

She is that friend who I don't talk to every day, but still feel close to.
I know she's a true blessing to my life.

Recently she decided to take pictures as a hobby/career.
Amazing adventure for her.
Wonderful thing for my family.

So, go to her FB Page and vote for Libby.
She's the crazy girl with a white shirt running and laughing.
What you don't see in that pic is Hayes chasing her with a stick....
It was way better in person.
But seriously, my girl has more personality in her pinky finger than most adults will have their entire lives.
She's a hoot.

You can also browse Denise's actual photography blog.

If you book her, tell her I sent you.
She's amazing!
And VOTE for Libby James!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Funday

Daryk and I volunteer to serve at church every other Sunday. 
A lot of people think we are crazy because we have two small kids and serve in the nursery....
I personally find it to be very entertaining!
A bunch of 1-2 year olds running around like crazy for an hour brings a lot of laughter!
Of course, we get to hang with this crazy girl the whole time.
She loves to play with her friends and her favorite thing is snack time.
She also loves this little toy with her BFF Elmo!

And she's getting better about sharing her Daddy, but she still likes to climb in his lap and read.
She grabs a book, runs to you, and says, "Read it!"
So thankful she likes to read... even if it does only last about 30 seconds per book!

Oh... the slide.
She's so strong and stubborn that she pushes the thing around the room until she decides to climb up....
and then slide down. 
I love her sprout.
Wish I could get away with that...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Food for thought, but not the kind you eat....

I stumbled across this blog entry today.
I regularly read The Gracious Pantry for recipes and other lovely ideas.
I found it to be refreshging and honest.
I mean, what ISN'T true here?
She hits the nail on the head with what women feel about each other.
She also talks about how we speak about each other.
I feel like its a grown up therapy session kinda like what the teens in Mean Girls experienced. 
We are all just Mean Girls. 
Could this blog entry BE any more accurate?
say that just like Joey. 

Ahem, my sister corrected me yesterday afternoon and said that was Chandler's thing...

So, say that JUST like Chandler.  Not Joey.  But Joey is in this clip.
Pretending to be Chandler.
In Chnandler Bong's clothing...


Please excuse my blurred attempt at capturing the mischevious child at her best. 
I was trying to get ready for the day and this desk is located just outside my bathroom
She was trying to see if she could fit in the cubby hole on the side of the desk. 
I laughed at her determination and the fact that she sticks her tongue out of her mouth, just like her daddy!

See the tongue?
And the leg rolls?

She dare not drop her book. 
Elmo or Oscar is far too important.
Attempt 1--failed.
Try again.

Both feet off the floor and head not smushed into the desk.
Book still in hand!

She looks pretty pleased, yes?
I wish you could hear her giggles through the photos.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Being the wife...

Y'all, I'm so proud to be a coach's wife.
It is HARD work and I know I complain about it a lot, but it is not the end of the world.
It takes endless hours away from my family and I get annoyed, and often jealous.
It means sometimes my husband comes home later than I would like.
Sometimes my kids don't see him for days at a time.
Sometimes when they do see him, he's so tired he isn't much fun.
Sometimes he misses dinner, and bathtime, and bedtime.
He came home last night for about 5 minutes only to rush back out again.
But one of his kids needed him.... so we ate dinner, did bathtime, and bedtime without dad.
He loves coaching.
He is more passionate about that than most people understand.
There are days when I want to tell him to quit.
Days when I want to yell about how angry I am at the things it keeps him from.
Days when I'm annoyed because I've been alone with little/no help from him for too many hours.
There are times when I want to ask him why these kids seem more important than my family.
But then I go watch him coach and I see it.
This is what drives him.
Something deep inside of him would change if he stopped.
It is part of his lifeline.
A necessity, if you will.

Saturday I was able to leave my mom duties and my own coaching duties to someone else for a while.
I got to drive south and watch my husband do what he does.
I drove to Macon to watch him coach our boys.
They are OUR boys.
I feel like they live in my house sometimes because I hear about them OR from them so often.
The ones who have graduated stop by to say hello.
Some of them even call me Momma and that makes me smile.

This is the 4th year in a row that we have taken 2nd place.
2nd place is a HARD pill to swallow when you were counting on 1st.
It is not something my husband wants a congratulations for.
Good job, or great work... but not congratulations.
2nd place is not 1st.
And I can assure you that my heart broke as I watched the matches unfold Saturday afternoon.
I cried as I realized the score wasn't going to be in their favor.
Each time the referees blew the whistle and the score changed I cried a bit more.
Slowly understanding that mathematically, we couldn't catch up.
We were going to lose, take 2nd place, not win. 
All that work....
All those hours....
And we came up short.
Someone asked me if he cried too.
He did, but we didn't see it.
And Sunday morning, after the sting wore off, he began prepping.
He began busily compiling notes on his iPad on how he could make his kids better.
Notes for them on things to work towards.
Things to improve, change, eliminate, etc.
He spent the majority of the day working through his disappointment and anger with notes to get better.
He helped with breakfast, and lunch, and dinner, and bathtime for the kids.
He cleaned the house and took a nap.
We talked about every match and what could have happened differently.
He started to pull himself back up and trudge forward by the end of the day.
The pity party was over and the work was just beginning.
He left the house Monday morning more determined than ever to make it work.
To win again.
His next chance, well THEIR next chance at a state title is in 5 weeks. 
I know it's all I'll hear about until it's over.
I'm prepared.
Remind me that I said that when I vent or whine about it, okay?

Side note:  I teach with the husband.
We both coach.
Somewhere between coaching and parenting I find time to manage his managers.
These are just a FEW of my girls.
They travel all over the state helping to take care of OUR boys too.
I am so thankful to know they are part of our world.
They work hard and take it hard when we lose. 
After ALL is said and done...
This is part of my family.
They love my babies.
They love me.
They love my husband, even though some days they might not LIKE him very much.
I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A few new things this week

Sunday afternoon Hayes says, 'Momma, take our picture in this chair.'
End result, best picture ever.
I die.

Thanks to my Aunt Patsy and Daryk's fear of online shopping, I got new chucks for Christmas! 
I love my new shoes. 
They go AWESOME with all my ALX gear.
This chick has been practicing for summer.
She was ready for a bath before I was ready to put her in the tub.
Seriously, I was cleaning the toilet and she managed to dive into the tub.
Weird thing was I didn't hear a splash at all.
I just noticed her laughing after she came up for air and was soaking wet
Dress, leggings, socks, shoes, and all.
She's pleased and I laughed. 

My big boy turned 3 last week. 
We celebrated his special day in his classes at school this week.
He could have cared LESS that I showed up at all.
He was thrilled with this new puzzle Mrs. Greene bought for his class. 
It had bugs on it.

I've been following this blog called Crossfit Mamas for quite some time now.
I decided to participate in her 90 day challenge and I've started incorporating elements of her WOD as well.
I've been doing Crossfit type exercises and cardio all week long.
The result:  my pants fit better, my body is sore, and I feel awesome.

Also, it's time to restock my homemade detergent bottles.
I got my recipe from One Good Thing by Jille here.
Easy, fast, smells great, and it is the least expensive way to clean the mountains of laundry at my house.
It makes me SO happy to save money and still get great smelling laundry.
Lastly, this bracket dictates the future of the ALX wrestling program.
We are fighting for a state title this weekend.
Safe to say that I'm a NERVOUS wreck as the coach's wife.
I even filled in my own bracket so I can see who is coming next.
I'm ready for another state title ring in my house!
Y'all say a prayer for us this weekend.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Parenting Advice

My best friend Kisa is pregnant with her first baby right now.  
A baby boy at that.  
We are all thrilled for her!
Hayes and Kisa had a fun relationship when she stayed with us often while she worked in Atlanta.
She asked me to help her with her registry, as it can be slightly overwhelming.
No joke.
She also asked me for some pointers about being a new mom.
She is an extra sibling we added to our family about 10 years ago.
Can you believe it has been 10 years!?  Sheesh.

I've been thinking about what I would do again and what I wish I could do over.
So, naturally I made a list, because that's what I do.
It isn't an organized list, just things I thought about as they came along...

I loved my sleep and play via Fisher Price.  We drug that thing all over the house.  Twice with each kid.  Perfect traveling bed and easy to move, set up, explain.  Plus you can clean it easily when they puke on it.  They have just issued a recall because apparently people can't clean them well, wash it well.  Let it dry well.  Duh.

Make sure you don't buy too many pacifiers or bottles at first.  Wait for your little one to indicate what he likes, then you can invest millions of dollars in them.

Don't waste your money on baby wash cloths or towels.  Just use what you have at home.  It will save you storage space and you won't have to worry with the baby being cold because those towels are so thin!  

Get one of those drying rack things for your counter top.  You'll need it for all those baby things you will accumulate.  3 years later and I still use mine daily.

Make sure you stock up on burp cloths.  Rotate them when they get gross and buy the flannel kind.  They are the thickest and absorb the most.

If you nurse make sure you keep the baby awake and offer both breasts.  They need to empty one side to get the hind milk at every feeding.  The hind milk has all the extra fat that they will need as they grow.  If he doesn't take both breasts, that's okay.  Just make sure you offer both so that he can get a full feeding.  You don't want to raise a snacker, you want to raise a child who understands how to EAT a full meal.

Also, if you are nursing you should pump and offer a bottle once a day.  Choose a time when your spouse or a grandparent can help you feed him.  You pump milk (or offer formula) while he is fed by a bottle.  Again, you want to train him to take a bottle unless you plan on carting the kid around with you everywhere (not likely) because he refuses to take his food from a bottle.  Again, totally your choice, but it will be easier for you if you start that from the get go!  

Speaking of eating, offer them every adult food you can as soon as they might be interested and it's safe for them to eat it.  I wish I had done that with Hayes!  I was so afraid he would choke, it would be too spicy, etc.  Now I have a picky eater.  Great.  However, Elizabeth eats everything that's not nailed down.  Literally.  

Make sure you let other people hold your boy.  At some point in time you are going to have to leave him and you want him to be comfortable trusting that if you leave, you will always come back.  He needs to be able to trust that other people will take care of him just as well as you do.  Maybe not exactly the same, but just as well.  

Always read the packaging on the things you buy.  Make sure they are age appropriate and safe for your little person.

Buy the expensive humidifier from Babies R Us.  Target sells the same brand, but BBRus makes one with a huge tank that will last a few nights.  Buy some eucalyptus oil as well.  Drop a few drops of that in the humidifier when he's sick.  It will smell like Vicks Vaporub, but it will help him breathe.  And crank that humidifier up all the way, but only on cool mist.
Warm mist grows mold faster than you can think about it. 

Save that little blue bulb from the hospital.  It is the best snot sucker you'll find.
As a matter of fact, take one or two OUT of the baby transport while you are there to keep at home.  

Actually, take everything out of the cart at the end of the day while you are at the hospital.  You are going to pay for a lot of stuff while you are there.  Make use of their wipes, diapers, creams, and other misc supplies. Don't take too much for him to wear at the hospital.  He won't need it.
Take a going home outfit, but that's it.

Make sure you take an extra empty bag or two to the hospital.  They will load you up while you're there and you'll need them to carry extra stuff OUT when you leave.  Take COMFY clothes for yourself and change as soon as you can.  You'll feel so much better about life and yourself.
Take your makeup, hair stuff, and shower stuff.
Also, your own pillow.

Send your kid to the nursery at night.  Trust me when I say that you will NEED THE REST.  There isn't a nursery once you go home, so take full advantage of that at the hospital.  They will love your baby and follow your directions.  You can get a few hours of sleep and that will make you a better mommy.  

Don't sleep with your baby.  Your bed is your safe haven.  His bed should be his.  It should be a place he knows to go and rest.  Most people love their own beds.  They can't wait to get back to that bed when traveling.  It is human nature to crave our own bed.  Let him learn to love his, so you can keep yours.  

Get a diaper bag backpack.  You'll need to use both hands.  
Get a baby wearing sling or wrap of some sort.  You'll appreciate that while shopping at Target.
Use Huggies wipes.  They are thicker and smell better.
Use Pampers diapers.  They absorb better and use layers of cloth not weird pellets.  Less mess.

Keep diapers and wipes everywhere.  You'll need them.
And use wipes on the snotty nose.  It won't hurt as bad.

When you have a snotty nose, use saline on the nose.  Give him a few drops and then wait a minute.
Then use that magical blue bulb.
He will scream and you will cry, but he will appreciate the fact that you are helping him breathe.
You will continue this pattern as he gets older and you will have to SIT on him to make it happen. But it is helpful!  Promise!

Do your research about car seats and strollers.  Don't buy them expired (5 years from manuf date) or used.  Unless you trust the seller and you know it is safe, then you're okay.
And don't pick the cute ones.  Pick the SAFE ones.

Give your husband a job.  Bathtime, bedtime, breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.  Make him do it as often as possible.  You need a break and he needs to bond with the kid.
And don't just give him the crap jobs.
But he should be changing diapers just as often as you are!  :)

Utilize your help.  I can remember driving to Atlanta one afternoon so Hayes could stay with Kitty and her crew so I could grocery shop and go to Target.
It was about a 3-4 hour window of time JUST FOR ME and he was in great hands.
Use those people.
Call me.
I'll come sit with him while you go get a pedi.

When he sleeps, sleep.  Everyone will say that, but they are right.  Just do it.  The laundry can get done later.  The dishes will get done later.  It's okay.  Take a nap.

I'm working on my list.
I'll add more as I get to it.  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Breakfast with the deer

 We woke up this morning to these visitors in our yard.
 There were 8 of them total.
A few big ones and handful of small ones as well.
I didn't notice any antlers, but I wasn't too close and my zoom isn't that great!
 Looking out back of our house they started on the left side of the yard.
 Proceeded right through the middle of the yard looking for food.
 They finished searching and climbed right across the neighbor's yard!
 They are so beautiful and graceful when they move.  
 A few of them flagged their tails as I exited the house and creeped onto the back porch.  
 To catch a glimpse of them out there in their world is just amazing to me.
 They climbed the yard to the right, and then gradually leaped up the wall and out of site.
 I couldn't believe I was able to creep outside without scaring them!
 I was trying to get them to stop and face me so I could get one last GOOD picture of all of them...
This was as good as I could get!  
I'm not blessed with that amazing whistle talent like my dad.
I know he would have gotten their attention for sure!
Hayes and I had a blast spying on the deer this morning before my in laws came for breakfast.
Then I made cheese biscuits and had coffee. 
Mmmmmm, heaven!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hayesface turns 3.

Three years ago I woke up very early.
It was still dark outside and my house was very quiet.
I thrust myself out of bed and waddled to the potty.
Something felt odd, just a little off.
So I sat for a bit longer and thought.
I huffed back up and then waddled back to my phone.
I called a very groggy midwife and spoke to her about the odd feeling.
She gave me directions and within minutes I had decided we needed to go.
Hayes was on his way, whether I was ready for him or not.
I rattled Daryk awake.
For weeks he had been fussing for me to pack my hospital bags and I obliged.
For weeks I had watched him not pack his.
And in about 3 minutes he managed to cram his hospital bag full of dad stuff.
He prepped the truck for our drive.
He was so kind to stick a waterproof cover on the passenger seat, you know, just in case.
We started our drive.
We called our parents and told them we would call them once we arrived at Northside.
We stopped by Walmart--I needed snacks.  
True life.
We arrived, had a good laugh in the waiting area, checked in, and waited.
At 9:30 we saw Dr Mobasser and Wendy.
We were in labor, but not the kind where you get to have a baby soon.
Hayes was on his way, but not planning to arrive the traditional way.
At 6:24 p.m. on Sunday January 3, 2010 I met the warmth of my heart in human form.
Thomas Hayes Cochran was perfect.
He weighed 7 lbs and 12 oz and was 19 inches long.
He was bald and beautiful.
His father would tell you that he had cauliflower ear at birth.
Unfortunately, he did.
First family photo.
He was stubborn and let it be known.
He was 3 weeks early and refused to nurse.
As much as I wanted to breast feed, I could not.
I compromised with the biggest force I knew and he got expressed milk.
Apparently, that worked with my strong willed boy.
This will always be my most favorite baby outfit.

One year later I was staring at a chunky boy who liked to make noise.
He was (still is) spoiled rotten.
Hayes could melt an iceberg with those blue eyes.
His curiosity is exhausting.
His lively spirit is something that nobody can contain and few understand.
He wakes up ready for everything and anything the day will bring.
He is very particular and loves for things to be in place.
He doesn't like to be messy and he doesn't like to share.
Last year, on this day we celebrated two years of this boy.
He still melts my heart with those eyes.
He has a smile as big as Texas and he lights up the room with his laughter.
He is a pain in the behind as well.
He is stubborn and ill willed a few days at a time.
He is a picky eater and won't try anything unless forced.
He moves the food he doesn't like off his plate and covers it with a napkin.
Nothing I write will ever capture the way he laughs at his sister.
No words will ever be able to measure how loud he screams for me every morning to announce he's awake.
There isn't enough time for me to tell you how he hard he loves.

This little guy Hayes has big shoes to fill.
He is the joy of our hearts and brings a smile to everyone who meets him.
He makes me laugh and cry and yell at the same time.
Happy Birthday Hayesface!