Monday, February 15, 2010

Photo Session

We had pictures made the day before we went into labor! He finally made his debut Sunday--the belly pictures were made on Thursday! The pictures of him are when he was 1 month old! He's so precious!

You can look at the slide show or view the album in picasa!

It keeps getting better

And it keeps getting better! We went to the doctor last week and Hayes was weighed. 10 lbs! My kid weighs 10 lbs. So glad he's gaining weight and is healthy. He also got to visit with the other great people in his life. He got to see Granny and Pop and they both held him. They both enjoyed the company of the baby boy. Granny held him and talked to him the entire time. Pop just looked at him in awe. Granny was so kind to give him his first valentines day card and $2 with instructions to make sure I bought him something good. He's our precious valentine!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some of the Greats

We finally got a chance to go see my grandparents yesterday! Traveling with a baby feels a little bit like moving to a new neighborhood every time I have to go anywhere! The 3 bags I carry around PLUS his car seat make travel challenging if I'm going alone.--but we made it finally! I think they were both quite pleased with him and I was quite pleased to visit with them as well. He behaved for them. He slept and ate and then got his diaper changed. He was awake for a little bit while he ate and got changed. I know that little Hayes was very happy to meet Papaw Hayes. He snuggled right up and slept in his arms. What a blessing it was to see those two together.

Bath time

My child loves to be naked. Undressing and dressing him is NOT fun and he does not like that once bit. Once you get him naked and in the bathtub he's happy! We took our first tub bath just the other day and he was quite content to splash and kick in the water.

Check out that belly!

Holy Diaper Explosion

Saturday morning I experienced my very first diaper blowout. We got up about 8 am for Hayes to eat breakfast and as I was burping him he was unloading in his diaper. It took me about 5 minutes to realize he wasn't getting it all in that diaper! I was all alone at home and quite sad that no one was there to laugh with me once I realized what was going on. I was covered in poop and so was Hayes. So was the bed, my pillows, my comforter... etc. He got an unscheduled bath quickly!