Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Green Bean

Elizabeth James Cochran was kind enough to cooperate and show us her parts this afternoon! We are very excited to embrace some pink at our house. We were so surprised to hear the words 'its a girl'! So blessed too! Bring on the bows, ruffles, and headbands! We shall call her Elizabeth! We are 16 weeks along and having a great time.

Mad Hatter Hayes

He picked out his own washcloth the last time he was running through babies r us. Literally running. I was chasing after him. He stopped just long enough to grab this penguin washcloth and let me grab him! It is his favorite bath time accessory.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hanging around in the hamper

Remember curiosity about folding clothes will eventually lead to actually HAVING to help fold them. Climbing into the hamper is the first step!

I spotted a ghost!

Silly boy likes to wear the big tshirts and run around. Hayes has much more fun than we do with laundry. Between baskets and 'helping' with the folding we can hardly call it a chore these days!

Pillow Fight!

More like pillow wallowing. I can't possibly describe how much fun Hayes has while I'm changing the sheets on our bed. He thinks that the pile of pillows are just for him to climb, throw, and play on.

Windows and Pillows

My name is Hayes. I like climbing benches, looking out windows, carrying around my blanket and pillow. I like to talk to anyone and everyone who will listen about what I see out the window. Occasionally I talk about the trees. Sometimes I talk about the dogs I see and hear. I also like to laugh and giggle at the clouds.

Hayes the Rockstar

His hair is LONG. Blonde and straight, but LONG. We discovered that it would stand straight up with some encouragement from static electricity we captured it on film. Well...technically... disk. :)

Days home with Mommy

Hayes likes to eat strawberry toast on Saturdays. He also likes to help with laundry, lay around with dad, and lounge in his recliner. Between nap times (yes I said TIMES--as in TWO) he's a busy boy!

Wait. I skipped Christmas.

First Christmas. Santa and the grandparents surely loved spoiling this little boy. Mommy and Daddy gave him a nice college fund for Christmas. Hayes was not without toys. He had a magical moment that filled up our living room!

Only 2 months behind...

So we celebrated Hayes' first birthday January 3rd. We all had a fantastic time. His cake was a bit of a disaster to say the least. Thankfully my best friend Kelli was able to save the day! I believe Hayes enjoyed himself and I'm pretty sure he entertained everyone as well. He didn't really care for the cake, but he was quite excited to throw it in the floor and wait for Lucy to come eat it! We had a great day!