Friday, August 27, 2010

Let the crawling begin!

Sweet baby Hayes has learned to crawl. He propels himself forward like a little inch worm with feet first then hands. Sometimes he actually uses his knees to go forward... but more often than not... he uses those toes! He chases Lucy around the house, always in pursuit of her tail. He will follow you up and down the hall trying to catch you and climb up your legs. He also likes to play with the air vents and squeals when they start to blow out air. I think his favorite thing to crawl and attack are the DVD cases on the bottom shelf of the armoir in the living room. We will be investing some dollars in the safety gates this weekend! Guess it is time to break out those outlet covers and cabinet locks too?!

Drive in Dinner

Tuesday night dinner with grandma and he gets the royal treatment. Hayes loves his grandma and she loves him!

Sheriff Hayes

Little boy is quite the charmer! He grins at everyone he meets and does not seem to be bothered by strangers. He flirts with anyone who will smile back to him--especially the ladies. He's so sweet. This week he decided to try out the Sheriff hat at Pawpaw and Mawmaw's house. He turned it sideways in his own style and modeled it for the camera!

Lake Nap

This boy could sleep ANYWHERE! One of his favorite places to snooze is on the pontoon boat while we cruise the lake. It isn't a 3 hour tour... but it is just long enough for Hayes to get a sweet nap. He loves to ride on the boat, but it doesn't take him long to fall asleep either!

Hayes the Hunter

Last week at Mawmaw's house she dressed up Hayes and his best buddy Lucas in their 'hunting gear'. This consists of a onesie and a matching t shirt. The boys are getting all geared up to hunt with Pawpaw!