Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So, my sister is getting married in May.
I am super pumped for a family wedding and thrilled for her!
I love weddings and I am honored that she chose me to stand beside her that day.
I am the only bridesmaid who has little people.
And having little people makes your body change.
I am the oldest one of the chicks too.
Thus, I feel frumpy already.
I totally realize this day is ALL about her.
I know that the day of nobody will even notice me.
But those amazing pictures will last forever.
I refuse to be the frumpy girl.
Thus, Operation Bridesmaid Bootcamp began in December.
I've been working really hard on my fitness.
I've concluded recently that my fitness is good.
My eating plan could use some work...
Next phase of OBMBC is an actual eating plan.
I choose not to use the 'd' word.

This is how I feel all the time.
I just don't understand why or HOW the number isn't changing.
I eat less.
I eat better.
I work out like a nut job.
Twice a day most days.
I push myself and the number is the same!
I used to think I needed to weigh myself every day because it kept me honest.
I knew that if I ate terrible on a day or two it would show on the scale.
If I ate well for a day or two, it showed on the scale too!
But add a good day or two and a bad day or two and you get an average....
of just... average.
Actually, I think it is making me crazy!
True story girlfriend.
I have always blamed my size on the big bones.
Thanks Mom & Dad.
But I'm thankful for those bones.
And I am thankful for the giant legs.
But, DANG.
I wish I could shrink them just a bit... a smidge.
Can you feel me?!
So this week began Operation No Scale in addition to boot camp.
I took the scale away last night.
I moved it to the closet. 
I fear for The Scale's life.
She is in danger of being eliminated!
See below...
Oh, and the scale is most certainly a girl.
Girls are mean.
My scale is the devil, thus it is a girl.
The Scale is living in my closet until my 31st birthday.
So, I will not weigh myself for a whole entire month.
Today I found myself tempted at the gym before I ran today.
But I moved away from the scale there.
I also found myself bored to tears while waiting for the shower to warm up.
That was my usual weigh in time.
I had to find something else to do today while I was waiting for that at home.
I am not weighing myself for 30 whole days.
Write that mess down.
I shall measure the rest of my body.
Those dreaded amazon legs.
My arms, chest (or the imaginary part of my body where boobs should be), and waist.
I'd like to pretend I have hips, but let's face it... those are pretend too.
I have a tree body shape.
Straight up/down.
No curves.
Here's to CURVES ladies!
Hoping to acquire some of those!
I'll use my measurements to track progress in a month too.
Until then, no scale.
It was liberating, but I feel like I'm missing my friend.

AND in 3 weeks I'll be celebrating my 4th wedding anniversary at DISNEY WORLD.
19 DAYS people.
19 DAYS!


  1. You have to keep in mind that when working out you are building muscle which weighs more than fat. I can certainly see the difference even if you cannot. You look great, keep going!

  2. I have been a bridesmaid three times since my twins were born in April. Before they were born, I'd never been a bridesmaid...ever. Nice timing, friends.