Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Throwbacks....Just because I can

I have been an emotional wreck this morning.
Good Friday.
I love Easter.
I love the colors and the fun.
I love my family and the food.
I love the reason for this holiday MORE than anything else.
I adore the courage of my Savior.
The purpose of THIS holiday means more to me than any others...

How precious to throw it back and look over the celebrations with MY children over the years?
I am so grateful that I have a Savior and that He chose to love me.
I cannot imagine being Mary and watching my son die, so that others may have life.
What a courageous heart she had...
A mother's love is nothing compared to my God and his love for me.

Easter 2010
Easter 2010
Easter 2010
Hayes was about 4 months old.

Easter 2011
Easter 2011
Hayes was about 16 months old.
I was about 5 months pregnant.
That is my FAVORITE maternity shirt.
I still have it....
Easter 2012
Hayes is 2 and Libby was about 8 months old.
So.  Much.  Joy.

Easter 2013
Hayes was 3 and Libby was 18 months old...

Easter 2014
Spencer was DAYS old...
Hayes is 4.
Libby is 2 and a half... going on 20.
Easter 2015.
Spencer is 1.
Hayes is 5.
Libby is 3.5, going on 16...

Easter 2016... to come.  

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  1. I love how you & I have successfully blocked most of the kids from the last shot :)