Friday, April 23, 2010

Learning to Breathe

God has been dealing with my heart a lot this week about being a mom. I figure I have some tough decisions ahead of me. I'm so thankful for the wonderful examples I have in my life. My granny, my grandmothers, my mommy, my aunts, my step mom, my mother in law... all wonderful women who help to show me the right things to do and how to love my baby. Loving him won't always mean doing what he wants, but what he needs. I'm so thankful that he only needs love, clean diapers, and food these days!
I received news today at school that a job will be cut from my department. My name is on the list for people who could potentially be cut. Please be in prayer that I keep my job and that if I lose my job our finances are able to sustain. Love you all.

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