Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Green Bean

Elizabeth James Cochran was kind enough to cooperate and show us her parts this afternoon! We are very excited to embrace some pink at our house. We were so surprised to hear the words 'its a girl'! So blessed too! Bring on the bows, ruffles, and headbands! We shall call her Elizabeth! We are 16 weeks along and having a great time.

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  1. Hey girl, It's Anne Marie. I have been following your blog since you were pregnant with Hayes!! Just looked today and saw you are expecting again!!! CONGRATS! Oh my goodness, how time flies! I bet your just thrilled for a girl! Love reading your blog...
    PS girls are SOOO much fun. If you ever want tips on where to find super cute things for girls at cheap prices, you know where to find me :)
    Anne Marie