Sunday, December 11, 2011

Soooo..... went to see Santa

I'm not sure that this round of Santa is what you would call successful.... but it sure was funny. We had GREAT plans to go to the mall and see Santa today. We also planned on going to ride The Pink Pig! We were all pretty excited and ready for the adventure. This is who our day went.... Several exciting things happened... We got the mall and quickly realized we should have come about 3 hours earlier than we did. We stood in line for a minute or two.... more like 60, but it wasn't terrible. And both kids were GREAT standing in line. Just as we were getting close to Santa (think 10 minutes left to wait) I smelled something. It wasn't starbucks or cookies being baked. And you know what's coming next.... Elizabeth apparently decided today was a GOOD day to poop. All over her back, clothes, car seat. Extra clothes.... in the car. Santa... 10 feet away. MADNESS! Changed the diaper and the pants. Elizabeth saw Santa in her diaper, socks, shirt, and FABULOUS hairbow. Hayes screamed the entire time. Awesome. It was certainly fun.
About 20 minutes AFTER the poop ordeal, I kept asking Daryk if he could still smell it, because I could. He says, "Well.... its on your shirt." WHAT!?????? My husband let me walk around the mall for 20 minutes with POOP ON MY SHIRT! So I went to get a new shirt. Thankfully, Anette had already gotten Elizabeth a new outfit. Clean shirt for me! The lady at the Gap was chuckling at me as I explained why I needed it.
We ate lunch and then went to stand in line for the Pink Pig. Best explained as a weird Atlanta Christmas tradition. Needless to say, Hayes has two big loves. Pigs and trains. Well, this is a PIG TRAIN. Hayes=heaven. Today was EXHAUSTING and one of the best days we've had in a long time. My kids are so much fun and I'm so thankful that we are making fun Christmas memories. Creating new traditions is so much fun!

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  1. Best Santa story ever!!! What a memory!! Your babies are precious!