Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fish, Boats, and Vader... Oh my!

We took an impromptu trip to the lake this weekend.
Maw Maw called Friday mid afternoon and invited us to come over for Father's Day.
We didn't really have any plans, except I wanted to paint the master bedroom...
Lemme think... paint versus the lake....
PawPaw fished and shared.
Daddy fished.
And also shared.
Hayes and Libby hogged the fishing space.

Daryk got a really cool toy that my kids do not like.
It was really expensive at the thrift store in Big Pell... 79 cents.

YouTube... you never cease to entertain.
Wonder what PawPaw did before there was YouTube?
Brandie says he split a lot of wood.
Prolly true.

Daddy and Hayes fished some more.  
I don't think they actually caught anything.
Daryk isn't really good at catching fish on that lake.

And this... is the boating princess.
Happy Father's Day to all the important Daddies in my world.
A special shout out to my husband Daryk.
He always lets me have my way and I always get what I want.
Except when he says no.
He's doing a great job at this 'dad' thing thus far.

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