Monday, July 22, 2013

For Ten Days

Soooooooooo, every summer Daryk goes to Fargo ND to coach wrestling.
And every summer I want to die around day 3-4 because my children are nuts.
And thus, driving me nuts.
He stayed with me one summer because I was about to have a baby, thankfully....
But every other summer, 10 days with no Daryk/Daddy.

I die.

So this year, I had to work and sent the kids to the lake for a few days.
Then Hayes had summer camp for 2 days.
Libby had gymnastics and we took a lot of naps.
After that I begged for sitters to help so I could embark on my makeover adventure.

This picture that started it all.
Hobby Lobby is the death of me.
I found this on clearance for $11 and I decided that I wanted it.
Now, for a place to put it...
That's how I decorate.
I buy things I love and then take them home to figure out what to do....
Is this logical?
Probably not, but it works for me.
My life motto.
Positive Polly over here.

I found these lovies to hang in the bathroom for towels. 
Also, Hobby Lobby 50% off.

I decided to be adventurous and spray paint the light fixtures.
I found a you tube tutorial and watched it a few times to make sure I knew what I was doing.
I also flipped the breaked so I wouldn't die of electric shock.


Final color!

The bathroom looks like a high lighter yellow/green.
It is bright.
I love it.

The master bedroom is a green/minty/ish color.
Also in love.
Bed quilt was a TJ Maxx find.
Shams and pillow cases from Target clearance.
The lovely blue flowers were a Hobby Lobby clearance find!

I have plans to finish the room and change the lamps.

I love it!
Daryk even said he could deal with it.
I have a few more finishing touches to add this week...

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