Monday, April 27, 2015

Chin Up

A long time ago in a far away land I met a girl named Brooke.  We shared the same math class in the 7th grade and we both loved our sarcastic teacher.  There was a competition between classes to fundraise or donate something, so our teacher gave us a mission to create a taunting song for the other class.  And we did.  I'll never forget that being the beginning of the friendship that lasted for 20 years.  13 years later and she's still a dear friend.  We were running buddies in the 8th grade and then pen pals in high school when she moved far away to Mechanicsville, VA.  I found those letters this past weekend in my 'high school trunk' in the basement.  She is a huge supporter of my life and my little people.  She is a fantastic lady who served our country in the Air Force and now she delivers jokes for a living.  She is a delightful human being and I'm glad to call her friend.

This is Delilah.  She loves my girl and my girl LOVES her.  They both share a love for messy hair, messy food, and a hatred of excema.  I hope they are friends forever.

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