Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Great Grands

There are a lot of things that my Granny taught me.  There are a lot of things we did WITH her and my Pop that are special.  I don't remember one single thing she ever bought me for Christmas.  Ever.  Or even my birthday.  I do remember that she taught me about money and how to save and spend.  She showed me how to write a check and how to balance my check book.  She taught me too many recipes to even recall.  Her love is huge.  Her heart for God is huge.  Her passion about others knowing Jesus is amazing.  I love her more than words can possibly even say.  I love that my people get to see her and love on her.  I believe they were discussing how to read a watch at this moment in time.  She probably taught me that too.  We stopped by after church for a really quick visit.  

We got in a good visit with June and Percy.  I am so thankful that they aren't too far away.

And well, she had fun too.

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