Monday, January 30, 2017

He's seven.

This kid of mine.
I posted this picture a few months back and I can't help but love it a lot this week.
He turned seven this month.
That is more than one hand...
It requires two hands to indicate his age now.
He lost 3 teeth in the month of January, technically one weekend.
He just got notice that he has tested INTO the gifted program in our schools.
He's a genius, no denying it now that we have proof.
I love watching his kindness on display for others.
He is cautious and calculated with every move he makes.
He follows the rules and is motivated to do all the things.
I love watching him with his sisters.
He wrestles tomorrow and I'm already a nervous wreck.
Seven years ago this month I was learning about love.
I had no idea what it was like to be a parent.
I was terrified and still am, most days.
But if he's the first edition, then we are doing alright.
He's my favorite boy in all the world.

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