Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January--Goal Update

  1. Plan a weekly menu.
    Menu planning is my sweet spot.  I can do this and grocery shop like it is my job.
  2. Organize all tax paperwork.
    I hate taxes.  I love getting my money back, but I hate taxes.  I have it all piled up in the dining room to work on and one day I will actually work on it.
  3. Clean out master closet and dressers.
    I started in my closet area and dresser as well.  I still have some work to do since I have a 4-6 size range of clothing to choose from.  I also have a LOT more than I actually need.
  4. Clean out master bathroom cabinets & organize them.
    This was actually kinda fun and it didn't take me very long.  Expired medicine and cosmetics take up a lot of space in cabinets...  I love having a 'clean cabinet.'
  5. Begin cleaning out the playroom closets and  storage dormers.
    We lost a pretty expensive Christmas gift this month, so the playroom got searched by default.  I also reorganized all the toys into bins and encouraged my kids to keep it clean that way!  It is so much easier to find the toys when they are in the right place!
  6. Exercise 20 times this month.
    Nur.  That's a NUR from me.  I didn't even come close to this.
  7. Start process of ceiling repair in kitchen.  Either hire a contractor OR DIY.
    Nope.  Moving this to February since we have a break from school and I hope to get it done then!
  8. Clean giant window at front of house.  Caulk it.
    I need a giant ladder that's clean... anyone?  Once I get that ladder I can get this done!
  9. Print a canvas of the latest family photo session for the living room.
    Printed.  Ordered.  On the way!
  10. Select a color theme for the MK & dining room.
    I have decided to do a light blue/green and grey theme for both.  I'm excited to get this done in the spring!
  11. Research cruises for family in 2018...
    Nope.  But I still have a ton of time for that.  I decided I should wait for the wrestling schedule to be released so I can compare times to cruise departures, etc.  
I like the idea of breaking this down monthly.  I need to compare my yearly goals to this monthly list and do the difficult/important things first.  I know the things that take up a lot of time need to be done early too!  

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