Monday, February 5, 2018

My Tangible Goals

Create 10 goals that can be TRACKED and checked. As in, tangible numbers with multiple check points. So I have a numerical goal. Or something of the like...

I'm working on a few personal development goals that I will track this year.  I'll post those later on!  

Tangible Goals as follows...  I feel like these are NOT a work in progress kinda deal.  These are pretty cut and dry as far as done or not done are concerned.  My goal this year is to create a goal for each month that I can successfully check OFF my list!  This is my goal list for the first 6 months of the year.
  1. Organize family photos and prints from 2010-forward.  Place in boxes as needed.
  2. Print and hang portraits for our home.
  3. Paperwork for family secured in safe (purchase safe).
  4. Prepare home for foster care/adoption process.
  5. Track expenses closer than usual and put aside additional 401k savings.
  6. Find a family service project to complete.
  7. Research furniture renovations and complete the pine furniture first.
  8. Buy a new dining table for our kitchen.
  9. Buy a new mattress!

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