Monday, March 12, 2018

Tangible Goals 2018

  1. Organize family photos and prints from 2010-forward.  Place in boxes as needed.

    I bought the boxes.  I placed all the photos and the boxes in the same general area.  We are part of the way there...
  2. Print and hang portraits for our home.

    I need to order a print from each photo session we have had with Denise.  I will begin to look at that as we get closer to Spring... not in a rush.
  3. Paperwork for family secured in safe (purchase safe).

    Paperwork all in the same spot in our home, but not in a safe yet.
  4. Prepare home for foster care/adoption process.

    We have begun this process and we are working towards our steps in this process.
  5. Track expenses closer than usual and put aside additional 401k savings.

    Tracking expenses.  Have an appt to meet with financial adviser soon.
  6. Find a family service project to complete.

    Any ideas from you all about this one?  It is a struggle...
  7. Research furniture renovations and complete the pine furniture first.

    I bought some chalk paint ( I should say I invested in some chalk paint because that stuff ain't cheap) and have been painting things.  I will continue to update pieces through this year. 
  8. Buy a new dining table for our kitchen.

    Table  ordered.  :) 
  9. Buy a new mattress!

    Maybe soon!?

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