Monday, September 5, 2011

Typical Monday Night?

I feel like everyone should have as much fun as we do.

Today: up at 6:40--gave both children milk. Hayes and Elizabeth both back to sleep. Hayes slept another HOUR, praise Jesus! Elizabeth had her usual 3 hour routine--up for an hour after eating and then out for 2 hours. After that I made cheese biscuits and got ready to go out with the children and the husband and the mother in law. Target, Marshalls, Toys R Us, and the mall for a late lunch. **note** never go to the mall on a rainy holiday--CRAZY! After lunch we came home to a fun filled afternoon of tornado warnings and watches. Daryk ran back to Dville to return his Toys R Us purchase because it was broken! He got stuck there for about an hour waiting on the weather to pass. Hayes slept through the sirens and had a great nap! Elizabeth ate a bit and slept a bit as the day passed. I cleaned up the house a bit while everyone else napped! Daryk finally returned home, fed and bathed Hayes, and made dinner! Hayes ended his evening with his bike helmet and his cup/straw combo. Check him out!

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