Saturday, October 1, 2011

Playing with Bocks

I realize they are blocks. You spell it with an 'l'. My son does not pronounce that 'l'. We have lots of fun playing with bocks at our house. Hayes also likes to play with his cars and trains. Choo choos as he calls the train. Hayes has also discovered his love for crackers. He calls those cha-chus. My boy sure knows how to make me laugh. Last night we talked for a long time in the car about the moon and the sky. We also talked about how God made the moon and the sky and how He put the moon in the sky for us to see. We talked today about how the moon is only out at night and the sun comes out during the day. He pointed to the sky and looked for the moon several times today. He also yelled about the helicopter flying overhead this afternoon. He ran out on the backporch to show me the 'cop-cop' as he called it.

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