Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hiding from Daddy

We have a new tradition every time Daddy is coming home. He may be coming in from work, coaching, the grocery store, who knows...
Either way, Hayes has decided to 'hide' from Daddy when he hears the garage door opening.
He runs to a few different places. Usually I find him under the table (in plain view as soon as Daddy hits the top of the steps), occasionally under the high chair (also in plain view at the top of the steps), sometimes hiding in the bathroom beside the toilet, and just this week he found a new spot!
He is sitting between the couch and the cushions and giggling as we walk around 'looking' for him. The best part was his chubby feet sticking out from underneath the cushions and him desperately holding the cushion as we tried to 'find' him.

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