Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm all caught up!

I feel as though I need to channel some of my friend Evan's energy and create goals for myself each year. I however, am not very good at long term goals. Maybe I can just start with monthly goals, reasonable? Yes, I think so. 1. Blog. At least once a week. I often find myself laughing out loud at blogs I read and I think to my self... 'How do these women have time for all this writing?' I've now realized it isn't that they HAVE time, they MAKE time. I enjoy reading and writing... so I must MAKE time. 2. Exercise more often. I am seriously unhappy with the size of my clothing and the way my body looks. I love my babies. I do not love the way my body looks and feels POST babies. I realize I am the only human that can change that. I believe I will be carting my double jogger around more often. I am THRILLED that we are about to 'spring forward' and have some extra daylight that got moved from early morning to early evening. Early morning just doesn't work well for me. Ever. 3. Be more prompt with work and planning for work. I don't feel like I'm doing my best with teaching. I guess I should have anticipated some pull and tug with baby girl arriving, but I didn't feel like I would spend ALL year catching up. I still don't feel like I'm doing my best and I'd like to change that. 4. Prepare our home to SELL or RENT. We want to move. To our 'forever' house. To the house that my kids will remember as home and be upset when we leave. That house. We all had one. The one we couldn't forget. Maybe our handprints or footprints are in the sidewalk (or in my case,a closet)... but OUR forever house. I'm ready. Now, just to pray that God sends us the right tenants or buyers. 5. Read more. Read more with Hayes. Read more TO Elizabeth. Read more because I like to read. Reading is one of my most favorite things in the whole world. I love to read books and magazines and blogs. I even read the Sunday comics when the newspaper comes. Granted they don't usually get read until about Wednesday, but I still read them. 6. Cook more. At least 4 new recipes a month. Thank you God for pinterest. And The Pioneer Woman. We eat well around here because of those two sources. After I feel as though I have satisfied those goals, I'll create some more. all my love--cc

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