Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fearless Pool Boy

 Two weeks ago we couldn't get the kid IN the water, much less get him to enjoy the water.
And now we have this....
 He stands at the edge and without hesitation, jumps, or rather walks in.
 He's not afraid of the water anymore.
And he loves wearing is orange frog float.
Yes, there ARE orange frogs.
We saw some last week at the aquarium exhibit.
 He leaps with glee and just trusts that you will catch him!
Even if you don't, he still comes up smiling and laughing!
 His favorite part of the pool was running, jumping, and kicking back to the steps to repeat that cycle.
We met a friend at the pool this year at the beach.
She had a green frog float, but called her's a monster.
She was precious little girl with cute braids.
Her little brother's name was Walker and he had something called Williams Syndrome.
I was so impressed with the mom's open attitude and I really enjoyed talking with her.
Our babies swam together for 3 hours that morning and they were just precious!
This little guy made me really happy that he was so kind to his new friends!
He used his good manners and was very friendly.

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