Monday, July 2, 2012

Pool day with Princess

She wasn't a huge fan of the pool. 
But I'm pretty sure it was because being in the pool meant she was in her float and that no one was holding her...
 And she was all like, "Meh.  These mean people love meeeeeee, but they won't hold meeeeeeeeee!" So she proceeded to throw a royal hiss fit. 
 Daryk offered to style her hair, and being that she's MY child, we all know she loved that.
  Until she realized that he was doing this.
 And then she cried. 
A lot.
 Clearly she thought it was just as bad as I did.  
Bless her.
 And then she thought,
 "Hey, I'll just chill in this float and play with this dinosaur car thing and annoy my brother a lot."
 And then she got over it. 
 The end.

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