Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baby Girl #3

Well y'all, it is a girl.
We saw the parts last night.
She wasn't shy and showed us her parts.
Clearly she was proud.
Daryk didn't go into heart failure, he was pretty excited.
He won't admit that, but he is.
I am thrilled.
I know that my girls will always have each other.
I know that they will always have a protective older brother.
I know that their daddy will take good care of us forever.
Mostly, I know that I'll have someone else to share make up and clothing with.
I'm sure my version of sharing and their version will not be the same....

We shall call her Spencer Brynne Cochran.
The debate continues about whether or not we will call her Spencer or Brynne.
I love her already.
I cannot wait to dress her and Libby alike and make them take pictures together.
Can I get an amen from Kitty and Leigh?
Or maybe I'll just give them the exact same bad hair cuts with bangs and a perm?

I am trying to enjoy this pregnancy and not rush it, but part of me wants it to be over already.
I want to know that my family is complete (or at least the part we made on purpose)...
I am ready to feel like I've finished this part of my life.
I'm ready to give away or sell allllll of those maternity clothes.
I'm ready to be able to control my body shape and size a little bit better.
I know that none of these things will even matter come April and I'm holding that squish ball baby.