Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Other Kid

The other kid came home to see us a few weeks ago.
I'm sure she came to see other people too, but I don't really care about them.
I was so glad to see her!
We hadn't seen Jordan since she left for school in August and we were SO used to seeing her daily that it was REALLY hard for me to adjust to life without her.
The kids were thrilled to see her and so was I!
She spent some time playing games and taking pictures with Libby on her phone.
Both Hayes and Libby drew her pictures for her to put on her dorm room walls.
I think Hayes was really proud that she wanted to use his pictures!

Friends, this was the night that I realized that Hayes has learned how to write his name at school.
We talk about school, but his answer is typically something about seeing his friends.
He doesn't really give me details about anything else in his day.
Except maybe when he brings snack and it is trail mix.
He likes that a lot.
He loves school.
He loves his friends as well.
He speaks highly of his teachers.
When I questioned my special source about his teachers, her response was...
'They are the best.  You don't get any better than those ladies.'
I was so excited to think that my boy would be well cared for!
I was so emotional upon realizing that my 3 year old can write his name...
forward and backward, mind you.
He says all the letters in his full name and he's learning all of ours too.
He has grown up so much in the last 2 months that he's been in school.
I'm no longer worried that he won't be ready for PreK next year.
I know that he will be ready.
And I cried when I saw him do this.
Chubby fingers and crayons writing a name is something more precious than I ever imagined.

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