Friday, May 23, 2014

My 2014 Goal List: 5 months done...

My 2014 To Do List

  1. I am going to grow plants this summer.  I'd like to grow a lot, but I'll settle for a few.  Tomatoes, beets, cucumbers, carrots, squash, and zucchini, to start with.  I'm researching methods via Pinterest right now and will start seedlings as directed once the time is right.  I suppose I'll need to do this on the back porch or in the garage for the meantime.  I plan to use the small area by the garage to grow my veggies in large planters or raised beds.  Who wants to build me those?

    Working on tomatoes and cucumbers.  I think that's all I got.  
  2. Run races.  As in, plural.  I have run my pregnancy races and I have one more to go.  I'd really like to be able to run a few more races after the baby comes.  I know I'll need time to heal since I will be having a child via surgery in April... I'm hoping I can schedule some races in June/July.

     Signed up for 2 races this fall and planning to do the Thanksgiving HALF in ATL.  I need a babysitter that day?  Who's coming over?
  3. Buy the dang minivan.  This is a lingering 2013 goal... I wonder if I knew that my husband was going to let me have another baby AND we were going to and that's why I made that goal in 2013?  Either way, I cannot wait to be the proud owner of a minivan.  I see this happening in March.

    DONE AND DONE!  Best purchase ever.  I love it.  
  4. Build my business.  I suppose this means I need to work on the business.  I have several of them I could work on, but none that I really focus on.  I love Advocare products.  I use them regularly.  I also love Mary Kay products, they are lovely.  I have a great love for my sewing machine and should use it more often.  I would like to be able to grow one or all of those into something successful that generates income so that I could stay home with my babies one day. Yep, another goal for another year, but I'll work on it in 2014.

    Started working more often with Mary Kay and I'm planning my official 'debut' party next week.  I need to work on that one and get some pink sales.  I love my Mary Kay!
  5. Paint and decorate the kid's rooms.  We have to move Libby to the bigger room and put Hayes in the smaller room since we will be housing two girls.  This project was on my agenda for Christmas break, but it is not likely to happen this week.  I have to buy Libby bunk beds and then we can make the move.  Hoping for February?

    Both kids rooms were painted and moved prior to Spencer's arrival.  Write that down.  They have pictures on the walls, working on decor and such also.   
  6. Plant flowers in the yard this spring and summer.  I love seeing my neighbors lovely yards and I'd like to have my own this year.

    Flowers have not happened yet.  Perhaps I can adjust this goal to 'plant bulbs this fall for Spring 2015'...
  7. Develop a budget/plan to save for future Disney trips and eventually yearly passes.  I love going to see The Mouse.  I love that my kids want to go there often as well.  I want nothing more than to take them there all the time.  As a matter of fact, we could just move there and I'd be thrilled.  I'm working on this part.

    Trip officially booked for September with FREE dining.  Thanks for saving us that money Disney!  I am working on our 2015 dates now.  Hoping for yearly passes soon...
  8. I would love to be able to use my blog as a venue to make some extra income for my family as well.  I am going to investigate that and look for income via my blog while on maternity leave.

    I haven't looked into this, but I have been diligently increasing my traffic to the blog and plan to continue that through Facebook and Pinterest.  Hopefully I can be blog famous one day (or at least make mom-ney, so I can stay home)...  Ditto this for months...
  9. Purge.  Clean out the closets, rooms, drawers, cabinets, and garage and rid this house of unnecessary objects, clutter, junk, and excess.  We need to learn to live with less and be happy with that.

    Cleaning out all areas of the house as part of my random 'nesting' occurs.  So far I've found a ton of things to donate and decorate with.  Worked on the maternity clothes and some of the kids clothes as well.  Summer plans are to clean out the garage... AGAIN.
  10.  Wake up earlier during the week and make time for myself.  Enjoy coffee, or a book, or the quiet.  I could make breakfast for myself or the littles, or just put on my makeup like a normal person.

    I continue to fail at this.  I'm going to blame my newborn for the lack of sleep for now.  She's a great sleeper, but I can't manage to get up and be motivated to do anything.  Hoping that since summer break is coming I can get up, exercise, and then make breakfast for the family.  

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