Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Could he be any happier?

Y'all.  I remember when Libby J was born and we were so worried about how Hayes would love her or like her or even tolerate her.  I remember the most precious picture of his chubby baby hands hanging over her in love.  He loved her.  A lot.  Maybe a little more than the average brother.  It was a miracle and he's been loving her ever since.  He is the most loving big brother I've ever seen.  He gets so excited when he realizes that Spencer is awake.  He cannot hardly WAIT to see her and talk to her and love on her.  He makes her laugh so hard by falling on the floor or jumping up and down in front of her.  He genuinely enjoys being a brother.  He chases Libby around and they often play silly games.  He is beginning to recognize simple words and he loves Spanish at the ELC!  He loves to dress up and be a super hero.  He spends a lot of time creating things.  Art work, projects, new costumes, and ideas about food.  He loves to sing silly songs and has a newly developed love for Veggie Tales.  He has a heart of gold and loves to hug.  He is a quirky little guy who doesn't like to get messy at all.  He would prefer to be completely clean all the time.  He is also learning to tell time and knows he cannot get up until his clock says 6:30.  Clearly, he is not my child.  I don't do early to rise...

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