Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Starting with Spencer

She's 10 days away from being 7 months old.  She has two teeth coming out of her bottom gum.  She loves to blow raspberries at anything.  She squeals and growls and laughs.  Her brother entertains her the best.  She wakes up happy from every nap and every nighttime.  She goes to sleep best on her belly and loves her paci while sleeping.  She goes with the flow of our hectic lives and she spends a lot of time eating on the run.  She is the happiest baby I've ever met, and I've seen a lot of little people.  She loves green peas, anything with bananas, and puffs.  She loves to play in her bouncer and loves to be pushed around in her walker at home.  She sits up really well and has started to spin and scoot at home.  She is well settled into a routine of waking, eating, playing, mealtime, and finally naptime;  only to repeat that cycle at least 3-4 times daily.  She wears 6-9 month clothing, though we are almost at the end of the 6 month stuff!  Her laugh is contagious and her smile is infectious.  Sometimes I find myself in tears just watching her because she's so precious.  I am so blessed that she's my baby!

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