Friday, December 12, 2014

They love her, really!

I love watching them play together.  I am sometimes fearful of the damage that they might inflict on her... but mostly they are gentle and careful with her.  I cannot wait to see how the sibling love unfolds as they get older.  I anticipate the fights and the squabbles and the silly fights.  I anticipate the dinner time giggles and the laughter and the singing.  I don't think for a minute I knew the love would be like this.  I didn't count on the desire for inclusion or the urgent need to make sure they are all accounted for at all times.  I never expected that they would want to be aware of each other at all waking hours and making sure that everyone  is in the middle of their room... 

I had no idea they would love each other this much at their ages.  Who knew?

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